Monday, April 25, 2011

Identity Crisis and Things I'm Grateful For

I love my handmade tags.  Love love love them.  But about fifteen times a week now I think about taking the plunge and ordering some professional ones.  I couldn't justify it before because I wasn't even making things to sell, but now that I do have my little shop, it would sure make the process go a lot faster if I didn't have to iron and fold and sew the edges down on every little tag.  You know?

But here's the thing.  If I did order professional tags, I'd have no idea what to put on them.  I love my little "kl(heart)" logo (in the photo above), but I'm not sure how much it belongs on my stuff.  Sure, it's my initials, but nothing about it is going to let people know where to go to buy more of it.  (Though, in my head, I imagine that someday these tags of mine will be called "vintage originals" or something and anything with one on it will be worth millions.)  

So what do I put on the tags?  "Notes From A Very Red Kitchen" is waaaaaay too long.  And, really, it's the name of my blog and not my shop.  But, even still, "From The Red Kitchen" is a bit of a mouthful to put on a tiny little tag too.  And abbreviations are out because "NFAVRK" and "FTRK" both look stupid and remind me more of farts and swear words than anything else.

And so I'm left not really knowing what to do.  I've thought about just having the tags say "red," but that kind of seems dumb.  I don't know.  Bryan says I should just come up with a logo specific to my shop and use that.  And he's probably right... but I'm not there yet.

A word of wisdom to all you budding bloggers out there: pick a short and simple name.  You never know if it's going to turn into a business and, if it does, you'll thank yourself a million times over.
Though, truth be told, if I had known back when I started ye olde blog back in 2008 that it was going to be what it is now, I still have no idea what I would have named it.

Your thoughts on all this?

And in other, completely unrelated news, I'm looking forward to the day when our bedroom will be this clean again.  Sadly, that day probably won't be until we move out.  But, in the mean time, here are a few things from this past weekend that I'm grateful for:
  • Bryan graduated with his bachelors degree!  (Uhh... sort of.  He still has to take 2 more classes which is why we're not gone yet.)
  • Bryan's mom and little brother came into town for graduation (and his sister was already here) and it was super fun to have them around.
  • My mom and step-dad came into town for Bryan's graduation and it was super fun to have them around.
  • We got to see my step-brother and his fun wife and their sweet little boy who I hadn't met yet (he's a little older than Olivia).
  • My nightmares (for real) did not come true.  It did not snow.
  • We finally got to have our first big outdoor yard sale!!!!!  (See note above about not snowing.)
  • We sold a ton of stuff at the yard sale!
  • One of my sweet readers came to the yard sale to meet me.  So sweet.  (Although, as it turns out, I think I'm a lot cooler here than in real life.)
  • My parents and Bryan's family were super awesome about helping carry stuff up and down three flights of stairs and over two parking lots just so we could sell things at the yard sale.
  • And they babysat our child while I stood out in the cold with my parents and bartered with the good people of... the town I live in.
  • Bryan and I have started making preliminary plans of what we're actually going to take with us when we move and all the millions of things we still need to get rid of try and sell.
  • Our families arrived safely back at home after their visit here.
  • We had a nice calm Easter Sunday.
  • My good friend and his family invited us over for dinner yesterday and it was amazing.  Probably because his sister cooked all the food.  Too bad she lives in Hawaii and can't invite us over for food more often.  Uhh... I mean too bad she lives in Hawaii and we can't see her more often.
  • We got to say one last goodbye to my BFF and Olivia's BFF before they move away forever to Wisconsin.
  • Bryan only has two classes left to take.  And only one is on campus.
  • Today is vacation Monday.  Woot woooooot!
Happy Monday everyone!


CK Morgan said...

oh that cracked me up about the tags. So glad there wasn't snow. Especially with everything you had going on! Congrats to Bryan!

Kathy Haynie said...

Your current tags are VERY cool. How about making them on some kind of wide flat binding tape so you only have to fold two sides instead of 4?

Anonymous said...

I love your tags. But I agree that you might want something to let people know where they can find your stuff.

What about your current logo, with your Etsy store URL printed small at the bottom? I'm not sure if I'm describing it well, but I've seen tags like that before & I think they're great because you still have your artistic flair in the logo but your URL is on it if someone wants to know where to find your store.

(Also - congratulations to Bryan! That is such a huge accomplishment & so wonderful that he's finished [almost].) xoxo

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Congrats to Bryan finishing his degree!! YEAH!! And I'm so glad you were able to sell stuff at the garage sale and have fun with all the family in town. We had a pretty relaxed weekend here too.

About the tags...I had the same idea as Mom. Why not put fabric through a bias tape maker and then you only have to deal with 2 sides of it. As far as a name, you could go back to Sammy Jaybird. I know Dana from MADE has a completely different name for her clothes...Joonbug or something I think. KatieDid could be a cute name for you since it would go with your name...or something else. I'll call and chat later. We're on our way out shopping for the day and if I'm lucky we'll fit in a trip to the thrift store to see what random goodness we can find. :)

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Oh...and you should put Bryan to work designing a little logo...he's got some sweet drawing skills after all. ;)

Dorothy said...

If the long name of your blog seems a little too cumbersome now, you could always change it. Your followers wouldn't mind at all. I've seen lots of huge blogs do name changes as they have "grown up". Just a thought. :)

James and Elizabeth said...

I love your blog. And the whole tag thing is something I would go crazy trying to come up with. You are so creative, I'm sure whatever you decide will look amazing.

I like the idea of a little red Tea kettle or a red oven or something like that as a tag logo. But I'm not the creative type and it doesn't do much more for your blog than your cute initial tags do already. Good luck on your choices.
But if you end up using the kettle idea let me know. I will be so happy. Happy Blogging.

Sarah said...

We'll miss you too! I'm glad you stopped by one last time last night :-)

Variety said...

For the tags, how about just "The Red Kitchen"

Unknown said...

Yay for graduation!!

For your tags I would go with:

from the
Red Kitchen

Do the "from the" small and in black (or yellow), and then the "Red Kitchen" larger in red, with a little graphic of a yellow heart centered beneath it.

That way you get the full name of your shop on the label (so no one gets confused), AND you have an element from your original design incorporated. Just my design thoughts.

Hope you have a fun vacation Monday!!

Color Dynamic said...

You can fit a LOT of info on a tag :D Mine say -


Unknown said...

For the record, you are every bit as cool in real life as here on your blog. :) It was fun to meet you! Sorry I am so socially awkward...

I love the kl tags you make, but it is always nice to have a little extra marketing on a tag. Maybe you could do the cute smaller kl tags (or similar) for the outside tags and then a bigger one that has whatever name you decide to put inside?

WHW Katelyn said...

If you still wanted to use your handmade stamps, I came across these stampable labels the other day. If you scroll about 1/3 the way down the page there should be some blank rolls of labels. I don't know if you can order off this site (mostly because it's in Korean) but it's an idea.

Andrea said...

What about "The Red K" - it's short, could have fun with the colors and the "K" also plays off your name.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with :)

Audrey said...

Love "The Red K" idea, but I was also going to comment that and don't exist at the moment. I do not know the logistics or limitations of blogger, but couldn't you have multiple website addresses all redirect to your current blog? that way, it would be an easy way to keep what you have always had and like and still have it access/advertise the good ol' blog