Friday, April 15, 2011

Is it Friday now?

One of the benefits of not having a Spring Break (grrr) at the university my husband attends is that school gets out earlier here than basically everywhere else on the planet (yay!).  So this past Wednesday was the last day of classes, which basically means I've been having a Friday for three days in a row now.  Not such a bad deal, if you ask me, but it has totally thrown me off as to what day it actually is.  Anyway, apparently it really is Friday now, which is pretty awesome.  Because Fridays are great.

And want to know what else is great?  Awesome readers who don't hate me for going crazy over moving and don't seem to mind getting really sweet deals on fabric from my stash.  After putting up my crazy post yesterday afternoon, this morning I woke up to another Etsy transaction in my inbox--I have officially sold the last of those fabric stashes.  (Though the vintage zipper bundles are still up for grabs and way cheaper than buying zippers at the fabric store, if you're interested.)  Seriously, guys, how awesome are you?  Way to help a sista out.  Oh, and buy some super cheap fabric, I guess.

Since my freak out yesterday I would now like to report that, not only will I soon be sending all that fabric along to happy new owners, but I have also sorted ALL of the yard sale stuff (well, all that stuff that's currently out) into boxes.  There's a bit of price-tagging that needs to go on now, but that's pretty babycakes compared to having to sort through stuff and think, "Do we want this?  Really?  Maybe we should sell it.  But should we?  Agh...."  It's a liberating and irritating process to do that with every single thing you own.  Let me just say that I am going to have some awesome advice on the subject by the time this is all over and done.  So I guess you can prepare yourselves for that.

In the mean time, I hope you all have a smashing good weekend, now that it's actually Friday.  :)

P.S. Remember my tutorial for Toddler Memory Books?  Well, one of my awesome readers has created a free printable download of fun pages to put inside your own books!  And the sweet ladies who created this free printable are also offering a free printable that you can use to make books for kids in Haiti. You can get the free downloads and all the details HERE.

Have you made something using one of my tutorials?  Send me an e-mail or add some pictures to my Flickr group!

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Lisa Lou said...

you know you'll have an AWESOME weekend this weekend!!!! YAyayayYAYAYAYAY!!!!