Thursday, April 14, 2011

More 90 Min Shirts and A New Toy

I've had a few more 90 Min shirts cut out and waiting to be sewn up for a few weeks now.  As my mother-in-law says, some projects have to "cure" for a while before they're ready.  :) 

I love the way this simple little yellow/orange-y striped shirt came out.  So simple, but it just screams summer to me.  Yay!

It came together so quick.  Any guesses as to why?  :)

Next up, this kind of funky little pair of pajamas. 

I used Dana's 90 Min Shirt tutorial for the top and Rae's Newborn Baby Pants pattern and tutorial (you can see how I lengthened them HERE) for the bottom.  Both came together super quick.

And both were made from this one pair of adult-size thermals.  (Which I got for free at our neighborhood swap.  Sawheeeet.)

The top came out rather funky (due to me trying to make my new toy do things it's not meant to do), but it actually looks pretty normal on.

When Olivia came out to the living room in the morning and saw all the new sweet digs I made her, she asked to wear the PJ's right away.  So--duh--of course I let her.  :)

Aren't we cute?

And, last but not least, this sweet little blue and white stripey shirt.  (Also made from a shirt I got for free at our neighborhood swap.)

I love the crisp, mature look of this shirt.  Bright colors are fun, but sometimes it's nice to dress Olivia in normal clothes.  Ya know?

The shirt it was made from had these cute little scrunchy sleeves, so I kept that intact as I cut the child-size sleeves and sewed them in.  Adorable and sophisticated and feminine, no?

She had a fun time playing outside in it.  Along with her jeans and shoes and hair clip I made.

Partly because I had everything cut out ahead of time (well, for the first and last shirt, but not the PJ's) I was able to make all three shirts and the one pair of pants all in one night!  But, ya know, having a new friend around helped too.

Yes, that's right, my trusty little sewing machine now has a new friend.  A serger!  Yay!  Hooray!  Yippee!

And it's really thanks to all of you.  Because I paid for it entirely out of proceeds from my shop.  Which is SO AWESOME.  Thank you to everyone who's bought anything from THE SHOP

It happily sits there next to my sewing machine, making its magic. 

What?  No more sewing a seam and then having to go back and sew a zigzag over everything? 

And speaking of happy things, Bryan was kind enough to let me rearrange our room again to make room for the new friend.  So now my little sewing space is situated on the other side of the room (on top of a $3 cupboard door from the AS IS section at IKEA).

And the ironing board got moved over next to the bed, below the window where my sewing desk used to be.  Uhh... it might also be multitasking as a night stand right now.  Did I mention that Bryan is an awesome husband?  He is.

Here's to making things!


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

I love all the stripies!!

Color Dynamic said...

Love it! And, to make a rolled hem, I switch it to 2/4/6 and remove the far left needle. Switch stitch length to 2, and move the switchydoo from S to R.

JenFink said...

Super cute! I will have to make some of these shirts for my son.

And awesome new addition to you sewing tools! I need one now! I will have to save my money.

Aleatha Shannon said...

yaaay for you! I just got a serger a couple weeks ago with our ridiculously huge tax return. Things come together so fast now, and no raw edges! Of course I will always love my treadle machine -it's the only thing that can handle really thick stuff. But I love my new serger!

Sarah said...

Congrats on the new serger!

Lisa Lou said...

So glad it's working. I got so excited looking at the first couple pictures of the yellow stripey shirt! Good job sis!

Lckevan said...

haha. My ironing board is also acting as a night stand right now too. Our husbands are awesome for letting us take over the bedrooms! Congrats on your new toy. I am jealous!

Dorothy said...

I guessed "SERGER" at the first picture. :) You're going to have all kinds of fun with it!

Kendra said...

so, so talented Katie.

Unknown said...

You go girl with your sweet new toy! So happy for you! When I saw that shirt, I was thinking, "what a great hem on that sleeve. It looks like it was done by a surger." and it was!

Kathy Haynie said...

How very cool is that, to be able to dress your beautiful little girl, top to toe, in clothes that you made yourself, most of them for free. Good for you, Katie. Congrats on the serger.

Liz said...

They are so cute and O looks great in them - she has grown up so much over the few months I've been following your blog!

Unknown said...

Aren't sergers the best? Love 'em! Enjoy :)

alison said...

katie girl, you look SO TAN compared to the munchkin. ya'll are totes cute. i wanna party more.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you've made room for a "craft station" in your apartment. My sister lived in tiny homes while her husband was in school, then medical school, then residency, and now they finally have their dream home with a huge craft room in her basement. It's something to look forward to someday, huh?