Friday, May 27, 2011

Farmers Market

Bryan and a very pregnant me selling our homemade granola at Farmers Market back in 2009

Happy Friday friends!  Aren't Fridays just the best?  End of the work week, beginning of the weekend.  Date nights, garage sales, farmers markets... weekends are great!

And speaking of farmers markets (did you like that smooth transition?), I have some fun news for you!  Starting in July, BYU is going to be having a Farmers Market on Thursday evenings from July 28th through October 27th.  There will be a variety of farmers, food sellers, and people like you selling arts and crafts!

Well, I guess what I mean to say is that it could indeed be you selling the things you make.  Exciting, no?  The lovely lady in charge of the event is super sweet and just so happens to be my visiting teaching companion.  When we were together yesterday she mentioned that she's having a rough time getting in touch with crafters in the area, so I told her I'd do my best to help her get the word out to you all.

When Bryan and I sold our wares at the city Farmers Market (we did it for a couple summers in a row) we had a blast, but the price of the booths was a little spendy.  Fortunately, I am happy to tell you that booth space at the BYU Farmers Market is super cheap.  $20 for a booth?  So.  Totally.  Worth it.  And it gets even cheaper if you sign up for an entire season!

But, just as a heads up, you do have to be a current BYU student (or the spouse or sibling of a current BYU student) to be eligible for booth space.

If you're interested, you can read more at the BYU Farmers Market homepage.  There you'll find all the dates, details, and vendor applications.  

Selling at an outdoor Farmers Market is a lot of work, but it is so fun.  It's great to meet so many fun people in town and chat with customers who stop by.  I hope some of you will join in this year!


Erin said...

Katie, that picture freaked me out! I was like, wait, how did I miss that she is pregnant again? WHAT? So thank you for the caption. We are no longer students, but we do live close to campus, so I am definitely going to check it out. I've driven by lots of times, but never stopped and perused, but I will.

dana said...

oh man, for a second I thought...she's pregnant??! :)