Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Wake Up

I woke up happy this morning for three reasons.

  1. Bryan let me sleep in until 9:30.
  2. When I walked out of the bedroom Olivia ran up to me and said "Mommy!" and hugged my legs.
  3. I woke up to over 50 comments talking about how much people love the stuff in my shop.

Talk about waking up to a booming ego.  It's been a great morning!

And if you want to perpetuate all that nice comment goodness, head on over to Craftiness Is Not Optional.  Oh yeah, there might just be a $15 gift certificate to MY SHOP in it for you.  Not to mention free shipping.  :)

P.S. Speaking of From The Red Kitchen goodness, the much-loved Quotable Bibs are back!


alee said...

9:30???? Wow! That is a good morning!

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Wow! 9:30?!?! I'm jealous.

Lisa Lou said...

Did you have cookies for breakfast? That always makes for a GREAT day!

Ju said...

Ah peaceful/lazy/sleep-in mornings are the best! Love your buttons by the way.

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

I'm so glad it made your day! :D