Thursday, May 5, 2011

(Literally) From The Red Kitchen

I took this picture shortly after we moved in here over 3 years ago.

(from left to right)

  • Glass pitcher: $3
  • Basket: $1  
  • Knives & knife block: KEEPING
  • Toaster: $5
  • Paper towel holder & Spoon rest: $5 
  • Banana split bowl: 50 cents
  • Blue bowl: 50 cents
  • Green bowls: SOLD
  • Ice cream sundae dishes (only one left): 50 cents
  • Small trifle dishes: KEEPING (?)
  • Big Colorful plates & bowls: SOLD
  • Small colorful pastel plates: KEEPING
  • Stemware (only 3 left): $2.50
  • Set of small and tall glasses (only 7 tall): $8
  • Red thing on wall: not tagged yet
  • Daily bread plate: KEEPING
  • Spice rack: SOLD
  • Cutting boards: some priced... don't remember

I have put price tags on so many things that 
I think my brain is about to explode.

I forget.
What did I used to do in the evenings?
Fun stuff?


Kathy Haynie said...

You say you don't want to open up an antique store?

Simpler times will come again...

Unknown said...

I am so impressed with your price tagging skills. I think I would just give up. And I love that you have a mini stove/oven... we had one that same size in our college housing. Good times. :)

When and where might this yard sale be? I'm on the lookout for some fun toys for my little guy if you're in that market... actually, I'm looking for girly toys, like strollers and dollhouses. Probably weird, but oh well.