Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pattern Testers?

I have a feeling this is a picture you're going to see a lot in the near future.  :)
For those of you who missed the fine print on my last post, I'm working on developing a pattern for the little panties I've been making!  Things are coming along rather nicely and I'm hoping to have it ready for testers soon.

Several of you have already contacted me through comments and e-mails about being pattern testers.  Thank you!  I have filed away each kind note and I'll be making decisions and sending out replies once everything is actually ready.  (It's not yet).

In the mean time, if you'd like to be a pattern tester, but haven't told me so yet, I'd still love to hear from you!  

Here's the info you'll want to know:

  • The pattern is for GIRLS panties sizes 2T-5T.
  • It's written for those with beginning level sewing skills.
  • Each pattern tester will review the pattern and instructions and help me work out the kinks.
  • Each pattern tester will sew at least one size of the pattern.  
  • I'll give preference to those who actually have a daughter (or niece, granddaughter, etc) who currently wears the size they'll be testing.
  • Each pattern tester will receive a free copy of the finished pattern and instructions.
  • I hope to feature photos of the finished panties and reviews of the pattern from those who test it.
  • Preference will be given to those who have a blog that they actively post on.
*Edited to add: Someone asked a good question and I wanted to answer it.  The pictures of the panties made by testers will only be pictures of the underpants themselves, not pictures of underpants on kids.  Whew!

If you're interested, please leave a comment on this post or send me an e-mail at with the following information:

  • your e-mail address (so I can get in touch with you easily)
  • what size(s) your kid(s) wear
  • your blog address (if applicable)

Thanks so much everyone for your interest and support!

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holly k said...

I'd love to be a tester for you!! :) I think this should link you to my blog...I'll send you an email too though to make it easier! look for theshedders!

Tara-ComfyandPrettyBlog said...

I want to test this pattern too. My daughter wear size 4/5T

Tara-ComfyandPrettyBlog said...

I want to test this pattern too. My daughter wear size 4/5T

Color Dynamic said...

I don't have a blog, but I do have an active business Facebook page. I have a girl in a size two and a girl in a 4/5.... with access to girls in ALL the sizes!

The Extra Ordinary Bree said...

Oooh! Me! Me! I've got a little one in a 2-3t... she's a chunky little thing =)

felicia said...

I'd love to test for you. I have a skinny 2T.


Jamie said...

Hi I would love to test your pattern in a 4T.

~JamieS@ Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Heather said...

I sent you an email earlier this week, but an update I have my blog up and functional.
And a daughter size 2T.

Busch family said...

Hi - My mom told me about your blog and the undies pattern that you're doing. My daughter is 2 1/2 (wears a 3T currently) and is going to be potty training in the next couple weeks. I tried to train her last summer and, besides the fact that she just wasn't ready, she also developed a red rash around her upper thighs from the elastic on her panties - obviously not good for training!
It doesn't look like you use elastic in the picture of your finished pattern. I would love to have a good pattern to make her undies for now and the next couple years until she (hopefully!) outgrows this reaction to elastic. I'd love to test out your pattern if you still need testers.
I don't have an active blog, but I'm very active on facebook and would be happy to share your blog/business on my facebook page.

Thank so much! I'm excited to add your blog to my google reader and get to know you better through your blog! :)

Busch family said...

Sorry I forgot to add my email address! It's bethemig(at)hotmail(dot)com

Thank you!

Janis said...

I would love to test your pattern! I have a little girl, age 3, size 4T. I have been making underpants for her for about 6 months. I'd be eager to try another pattern!

kristinorth said...

Hi! I'm catching up on my blogs and saw your post. I've been wanting to try underpants, and my daughter is a 5 right now. If you still need testers, let me know! Thanks! Kristin