Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So, back to this whole moving business

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My brain constantly fluctuates between three main topics:

  • What is Olivia doing?
  • How could I make _______?

I've already started at least 10 posts (maybe an entire book, really) in my head about how to move with only the stuff you like.  So I guess that's forthcoming.  Someday.  But the moving topic on my mind today is this: thrift stores.

I love shopping at garage sales and thrift stores.  There is so much value to be had for so little cost.  Not to mention the added benefit that it keeps your living room from looking like a catalog page where someone could recreate the entire room with a quick drive down to the furniture store.

But here's the thing: thrift stores are kind of a local treasure.  As in, it's usually the long-time locals that know which ones are best.  For instance, having lived here for seven years now, I would know exactly which thrift store to look in to find fabric, sewing supplies, furniture, or kid stuff.  And it's not the same store.

So here's where that comes in to our moving plan.  We don't plan to buy new stuff.  We plan to buy cool stuff at thrift stores or garage sales or craigslist or--you get the idea.  I have a very distinct style and plan in mind and I'm really excited to put it in play at our new place.

But how will I find the great thrift stores there?  Some of them have websites, but I'm sure there are plenty of great ones that don't.  I guess I'll have to ask around.  In the mean time, if you know of any hidden treasures in the Columbus, Ohio area, please share.


The Jessee Journal said...

I'll have to ask my sister -- she knows one right next to the University that is great for clothes but not so much help for sewing :) My older sister goes to these amazing kids sales out there at some thrift store and gets TONS of stuff (one of those stuff em in a bag for $10 kind of deals). So I guess I'm no help ... yet ;)

beck said...

I know where some are 2 hours east of columbus. If you ever head that way let me know. But when you do find the treasures in columbus post it here so that I know next time I head out to the big city!

Aleatha Shannon said...

Trust me, you will not have any trouble. I have heard it said that Columbus has the best thrift stores in the nation and I have to believe it. Good chains are Goodwill, Ohio Thrift Stores, and Veterans of America Thrift Stores. Those last two have 50% off days on a specific day each month so you can plan to go and get kid's clothes for $1 each or sweaters for $2 each. Just ask the cashier when a particular store's day is. Although beware -it will be crowded on 50% off day and you might not get a cart -bring a stroller for Olivia.

All those stores have furniture but not tons. Check out antique stores for better quality furniture, and don't be afraid to bargain on the price.

ellen insights said...

Good luck with the packing and loading. Moving is such an event. I can't wait to see the new (I mean new to you but used) things you get. I know you'll come up with great decor.