Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Whirling and Stopping

Sometimes it feels as if the whole world is whirling around you.  If you keep on whirling with it, everything's fine.  But if you stop... do you disappear?

It feels like it.  I'm used to babbling away on my blog on a daily basis.  I'm used to spending lots of time back in our bedroom puttering around on little sewing projects.  I'm used to my daily walks with good friends, Olivia's naps, and a tidy home.

Right now's normal is not my normal.  I think of things to write about on my blog all day long.  But I know that if I take the time to sit down and write them the ten million other things I know I need to do won't get done.  I've had a sweet little something in mind to sew for one of our favorite little friends for days now, but I haven't even cut out the pieces.  Sigh.

This past weekend Bryan and I did what we called "The Practice Pack."  We practiced packing the car for when we move in a couple of months.  It was stressful.  It was exhausting.  It made us wonder if moving with only what will fit in our car is really what we want to do.  The amount of thinking it required was too much.  And I couldn't tell you how many times throughout the whole process we found ourselves just sitting or just standing and staring at the mess, completely unsure of what to do next.  To say that it was overwhelming would be an understatement.

And if you think I'm being melodramatic about all this, then I suggest you try and think through choosing--from all of your possessions in your entire house, from the bed to each and every spatula--which ones you'd take the care to pack away into your little car... and in exactly what formation you should pack them all in.  Really, think about it.  I think you'll start to see where I'm coming from.

But before you go suggesting cheap moving strategies, I'd like to say this: we chose this.  And despite the mess and the constant fluctuation of stuff, we are truly excited about it.  Because, when we move, there will be that moment when we pull up into the parking spot at our new place.  And within an hour or two we'll be completely unpacked and everything will be put away.

And we will really like every single thing we own.

I mean, how many people can say that?

And then we'll spend the next few months buying more things that we really like.  And our new place won't be filled with junk.  It will have style.  And it will be our style.  It won't just be full of stuff.  Can you imagine living in a place like that?

I can.  And I do every day.  And I think about it while I'm stacking up things on the kitchen table to get ready to sell at the yard sale... for the fifteenth time.

It's worth it now.  And it will be even more worth it in a couple months.  But, in the mean time, I miss my normal.  I miss sharing ideas with you all.  I miss making you laugh.  I miss all your sweet comments.  I miss selling things in my shop.  I miss being that part of me that comes out here.

Sigh.  It takes a lot of time to keep up with this busy world.  And if my normal were normal I'd be happily whirling and whirling.  But just know that, while things will probably continue to be sporadic for a little while still, I definitely haven't stopped.


Oh, and for any of you who wanting to help a sista out, praying for really beautiful weather and lots of customers for this Saturday's yard sale would be much appreciated.


Kathy Haynie said...

It's supposed to rain here in Oregon on Saturday, so sure, we'll take the weather hit & wish for sunshine on Utah! I think it's fascinating to read about your moving plans / process. (And not just because I'm your mom.) how's Olivia holding up?

Jennifer said...

Well, I will certainly pray for good weather for your sale. I don't know where you're moving to in Ohio, but I will tell you that where I live here, it has been absolutely stinky!

I admire your guys' way of moving. We have been purging our own belongings for an eventual move ourselves. It has been an excellent lesson in excess, and like you said, what we really like!

Good luck!

Melissa said...

Good luck with the weather and with the move! I hope that everything goes wonderfully for you! I know how you are feeling right about now and I have absolutely no advice. :D

Have a great day!

Sima J said...

All I can say is WOW I think you are very brave doing this exciting thing!! I don't know if I could do it .. in fact unless I HAD to, I couldn't choose what to take if we had to move with just a car load of stuff!! Good on you for trying something new! I'm sure your new house will look fab because of it :-)

CK said...

Oh man, I do hope that yard sale goes well! I'll pray your luck to sell things will continue!

alee said...

More power to ya! When we moved to Texas right after we were married, we were in Nick's little car with everything he owned (thank heavens Radlee had already made the trip with all of my belongings) and we padded our two seats with sleeping bags and pillows and all sorts of bedding...it made the uncomfortable trip a little more comfy! Just keep that in mind! :)