Thursday, June 9, 2011


That's the phase we're in.  Our apartment is now what we like to refer to as "inconveniently empty."  Eeeesh.  On the other hand, I'm so so grateful that we've been able to sell all of these big items last minute.  Couch, bed, microwave, broom.  Okay, so maybe the broom wasn't a big item, but I'm still grateful someone wanted to buy it from us.  After all, it was not going to fit in the car.

In other good news, I've been able to not sound like too much of an idiot when it comes to setting up things like gas and electricity.  In fact, everything like that should be ready for us when we get there.  (Hold for applause.)

Oh, except internet.

Gah.  Oh, how choosing internet ruins my life.  I think we've finally found a company we're going to go through, but we have absolutely no idea what we're doing.  What's more, getting advice on what to do about it has proved to be a bit of a challenge.  The people I know who know a lot about computers don't live where we're going to be living.  And signing up for internet is totally a regional thing.

Furthermore, the deals they offer online are completely different than the deals they offer on the phone--even within this same company.  And so far both of the people who have answered the phones at the call center seem to be women who don't really understand the questions I'm trying to ask.

But that's okay.  Having the internet's not all that important, right?


I'd really like to be able to make a good decision and be done with the whole ordeal by this evening.  Because apparently it can take a couple weeks for it to get going.

And that would drive me absolutely crazy.

Even more than being couchless.


emily @morefromthemoorefamily said...

In My Humble Opinion... don't go through the internet. When we moved last year, I started with the internet and then started calling the companies and they had much better deals/packages/discounts than on the internet, plus I talked to different companies and some were willing to match and upgrade deals on the internet. It's a process, though!! Good luck with your move.

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

We ended up with a super lousy internet deal...we should have asked around more once we got here before signing up with one.

snugglebugs said...

We live in Cleveland right now. Feel free to message me for thoughts!