Friday, June 3, 2011


Frozen.  That frozen feeling you get.  You know what I mean.  You see what you have to do.  That big pile.  Staring right at you.  And instead of doing something about it?  You're frozen.

That's how I feel about a number of things right now.

The unpacked suitcase and duffel bag from our trip?  Strewn about the living room in total trashy mess state.

Our moving plans?  Completely up in the air.

The pattern I've been working on?  Gah.  It takes a long time to learn how to do something you don't know how to do.

Catching up on blog and shop stuff?  I think the world passed me by while I was out of touch for five days.

Uploading pictures?  The one reason I hate hate hate our rental computer.

Deciding what to do with the future of my business?  As if I have any idea what I want right now.

Our vacation was great.  But I've spent the day feeling hopelessly behind.  So I did what any really awesome person would do... and spent the day playing outside with Olivia and thumbing through a bunch of great blog posts I missed while I was gone.

But I think it's a good thing I can't do all the things I want to do.  Because every time it hits me like this it always reminds me of an important little truth: it's okay to just be me.  Blogs aren't a race.  Life isn't a race.  I'm happy.  I need to remember that.

In the comments will you please answer the following two questions for me?
1.) Can we still be friends if I don't upload a single new picture until we get our new computer?  Because uploading pictures to this computer is such a major pain.  Would it be possible for you all to just pretend you haven't already seen the pictures I keep posting ten million other times? 
2.) I'm very seriously considering changing the name of my blog and shop.  Is a Katie blog by any other name just as sweet?  Will we still be friends?  Will I lose all my Etsy street cred if I start a new shop with a new name and I suddenly go from over 100 sales to zero sales?

These things may seem stupid.  But for someone who's been building credibility for the past three years, it's scary to think about starting fresh.  

A very young Bryan and me

It's okay to just be me.  



Kristie said...

Absolutely! Just be you. Do what works for you, just let us know if you change your address and stuff. I love following you, you have great ideas!

Sima J said...

Would still follow you whatever the name .. what's in a name (well, a lot actually - but I'm sure it would still be cool!). And because I haven't been following you from the start .. I haven't seen a lot of the pics anyway! :-) GO FOR IT!

Andrea said...

Hi Katie-
Love that first picture and the part about the suitcase - unpacking is always my least favorite part of a trip. :)

I wanted to encourage you too, that no matter what direction you feel led to take with your shop and blog and despite what other people may think of you, it is your identity in Christ that gives you great credibility with the One who really matters. Keep pressing on and pressing in, trusting that God will bring you to the place you need to be. :)


Teresa said...

You will be fine if you start over in the shop! Look how fast you made it to 100!
I will come back even without pics! I love how you write. Very unsencored!

Misty said...

It's ok with me if you don't put new pictures on! I love seeing old pictures too!
And really, what's in a name? As long as you leave a forwarding address, I'm good! :) Thanks for sharing your life through your blog!

Julie Rosenhan said...

Yep, we'd still be friends if you changed the name of your blog. No big deal (or dill, if you're a Utahn ;) )!

Sarah Stout said...

I'll still read your blog if you change its name! I enjoy reading what you write and that you are who you are without excuses.

For what it's worth, however, I really like the name of your blog and do see that you may likely have to rebuild your "image" in the blogosphere/etsysphere with a name change.

You're great! Good luck with the move! :)

Unknown said...

Hang in there! Do what feels right to you! Don't feel stressed about what other people will are amazing...and people will gravitate to you no matter what you do!!

Amanda said...

I think this would be a perfect time for a new start. You can move your family to a new state and move your shop/blog to a new space/name too! And as long as you leave a forwarding address I'll follow you no matter what the name of your blog is or how old the pictures are that you post.

... and if you need to build up your 'cred, I'd be happy to buy lots of stuff from your new shop! ;)

Sylvia Louise said...

I prefer "just you" to any other kind of you!

Jennifer said...

Absolutely! That blog name is too long to fit in your car on this move, anyway!