Friday, June 10, 2011


Baby Bolivia has nothing to do with this post, but she's cute in her little pink hoodie, no?

Slow.  That is how I feel right now.  Life is speeding through this week (Is it really Friday already?) and I'm barely keeping up.  There is just plain so much to do and think through.  I know I said this in another post not too long ago, but it feels at times as if the rest of the world is spinning around me at its own fast pace and I'm running at top speed just to keep up.

Although in the world of craft blogs I am definitely not keeping up.  When I get a spare moment to sit down or when I can't function properly anymore I come and sift through my regular favorites in the craft blog world.  It's fun, but it's not exactly what I'd call relaxing at this point.  I do okay for the first five minutes or so and then I just feel totally left in the dust.  Ahh, well.  The process is going to be long and slow, but I'll get back in the swing of things soon.

As for internet, I am happy to report that we finally picked a plan and a provider.  The bad news is that there will be a bit of a wait for everything to be set up.  Major thanks to our awesome tech-savvy home teacher who is waving his magical wand over the ol' laptop so it'll hopefully run faster than a turtle and get us through the first few weeks of the big move.  I guess I'll have to find out which stores have WiFi.  Perhaps I'll have to sneak into Starbucks, though I've never tasted coffee and have no plans to.

Well, this post is getting blabbery, so I'll go ahead and call it quits.  Life is crazy, but so good.


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Sarah said...

We always went to the Barnes and Noble down the street when we were in Virgina Beach without connection. I would put Elsie in the stroller, head to the children's section to get a few books for her to look at, then sit with my laptop for my daily dose of Internet.

Most book stores have free WiFi. McDonald's does too. And a lot of other places, you just have to know where to look.

The Little Foodie said...

I was just without internet for about 5 days and I felt like it was a year. Really. What have I come to?
There's just so much necessary information.
Plus the unnecessary stuff which is sooooo important. :)

I keep wondering when my life is going to go fast enough to keep up with everything I have to do. Doesn't it all even out sometime? Before retirement, preferably?