Saturday, July 30, 2011

I feel dumb because...

...finding a local craft fair that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to participate in is hard.
...I have been so excited about working on things on the Photoshop Elements software I bought, but I uploaded it tonight... and I have absolutely no idea how to use it.
...I feel like the dreams I want to pursue are so far beyond my grasp.

The end.

Just keepin' it real,


Country Loven said...

Keep your head high and keep reaching for the moon, and if you fail you'll land among stars!!!

Alayna's Creations said...

oh wow you are saying exactly what has been in my head. I've had photoshop since Mother's Day. Let it intimidate me until last week. Completely frustrated myself for a couple hours trying to install and run some actions but HA! I finally conquered that one tiny thing. Also took the leap and opened up an etsy store this week after debating about the whole craft fair thing for months. Luck to us both!