Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pancake Fun

How to Have Fun 
with Boring Old Pancake Batter:

Step 1: Prepare squeeze bottle
  • Buy a cheap squeeze bottle (like the generic kind made for ketchup and mustard*).
  • Cut off part of the tip.
  • Now the tip opening will be wide enough for thick pancake batter.
  • Pour pancake batter into bottle.
*Target is currently selling packs of red and yellow (i.e. ketchup and mustard) squeeze bottles in the $1 section.  50 cents per bottle?  Sweet!

Step 2: Go hog wild
  • Use the squeeze bottle like a pen and "draw" your desired image out in pancake batter.

I decided on some really sophisticated designs...

Impressive, no?
Though I'm no Pancake Jim.

Step 3: Enjoy!
  • Place in bright green bowl.
  • Top with syrup.
  • Feed to toddler.
  • Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.
Olivia is certainly getting better at actually eating, but it's still a bit of a chore to get her to eat, well, anything.  So it was a happy dinnertime for all when she happily sat and scarfed down pancake after pancake.  Or, shall we say, funcake after funcake.

After the great Funcake Success of 2011, Bryan and I have decided that maybe it would be worth our time to make her food a little more fun.  Maybe I'll get really committed and start making her lunches like these.

Oh, and by the way--the funcakes taste way better than regular pancakes.  No, seriously.  I think it's because the batter comes out just a little thinner and the pancakes are just a little more crispy.  Anyone gonna back me up on this?

Fun pancakes.  Try it.


Josh and Alice said...
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Lindsay said...

What a cute idea!!

Josh and Alice said...

We had breakfast for dinner the other day too!

Lisa Lou said...

You're totally right about thinner pancakes tasting better (think crepes!) This was a fantastic idea!

CK Morgan said...

Love the shirt she is wearing. Did you make that one? Great tip on where to find the bottles. Guess I need to take a trip to target soon...good thing its a new month next week so I can pretend to have money to go to target :)

Kati said...

I made these this morning with left over pancake batter from breakfast yesterday. My 2 year old son ate 4-5 pancakes (I lost count cause I was still cooking). This is so fun and fabulous. I am looking forward to doing it again and again. Thanks :)

down2earthsmiles said...

Cute idea! I bet you can even make funnel cake this way...well except deep fried, topped with strawberries, ice cream and icing sugar dusted on top...yummy!

Audrey said...

definitely better tasting! The crispy-ness is greater, and the oil-pancake ratio is higher... definitely better!

Audrey said...

so I just got obsessed with Jim's Pancakes, and I've read almost his entire blog now, and While I like the idea of a batter bottle better, if you are aspiring to be like Jim, you may care to know that he actually uses a pastry (frosting) bag and tip to get his tight edges. according to his Octopus post. but I like your idea better, and never want to have to clean out a pastry bag that often.