Sunday, July 31, 2011

So many good things

Partly I'm posting this video (again) because I love it.  I don't think I could listen to this message too many times.  It's comforting.  And it's true.

And partly I'm posting it because I was thinking about it the other day.  It was the end of the day and I was discouraged.  I had been trying to do things I didn't know how to do and it left me feeling completely defeated.

Then, when I went upstairs by myself to go brush my teeth and get ready for bed, I was surprised.  Most days when I look in the mirror I see mostly my flaws.  My hair looks weird.  I've got a zit on my chin.  But on this particular night--when I certainly wasn't looking or feeling particularly amazing--I took a passing glance in our bathroom mirror and I was surprised by what I saw.  How pretty I was!  How capable I looked!

And then, these words came into my mind quite clearly, "You are trying to do so many good things.  Don't you let discouragement get you down for one second."

It wasn't the words of Elder Holland, though his message is similarly uplifting.  It was the words of my Heavenly Father.  He knows my heart.  He knows my setbacks.  He knows just how easily I get discouraged.  This personal message gave me new resolve and the courage to keep trying, even though I felt foolish.

I testify that we can all hear the voice of our Father in Heaven speak to us.  Sometimes it comes as a feeling of peace in a busy day.  Sometimes it comes as comfort when we're scared.  And sometimes it comes as a simple thought in the most ordinary of times.  But this we can be sure of-- when we seek to hear it, we will.  And, oh!  Oh how we need to!

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Lacey said...

Thanks for posting this Katie!
Just what we all need to hear.