Friday, July 29, 2011

Speaking of Pins

Before we moved, several of you wanted to know where to find me on Pinterest.  Thanks to my good friend Alice's excellent teaching and patience, I am now ...slightly better at navigating this new inspiration phenomenon.

UPDATED: You can now click HERE to follow any/all of my boards on Pinterest.

Thanks so much for your help Katie!

If you'd like to follow my boards on Pinterest, you can search for me under "Katie Lewis."

(If you know of a better way for me to help people find my boards, please say so in the comments.  I'm still so new to this.)

Also, if you're still waiting for an invite to Pinterest, let me know in the comments (be sure to leave your e-mail address!) and I'll do my best to help you out.

Happy pinning!


Katie said...

the direct link to your Pinterest boards page is

from there people can click to follow your boards :)

snugglebugs said...

All right. It may be time for me to take the plunge... I'm asking for an invite:) Deep breaths, Beth. Deep breaths.

(Beth dot wise at gmail)