Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Hey everybody!  I just finished listing a couple fun new items in THE SHOP and I wanted you guys to have first grabs at 'em.  

'Cuz, you know, we're tight like that.  :)  Woot woot!

The first item up for grabs are these fun and eco-friendly set of 3 drink coasters!  They're made from up-cycled t-shirt yarn.  And they make a great side kick for cozy hot cocoa.  Perfect for the fall weather I can already feel coming on.  Mmmm... wonderful.  :)

And there's only one set!  So jump on if you like 'em.

And the other fun item are these fun Mini Card Sets!  Timeless and simple, fun and bright, they're the perfect accompaniment to all of your favorite brown paper packages tide up with string.

Each set comes in 10 bright colors...

...and 10 (different) fun messages!  

They're perfect for weddings and birthdays.  
Or for giving your neighbor a plate of cookies.  :)


And--just for fun--this is what was going on (literally) behind the scenes while I was taking these pictures:

Olivia: Lala ride Mommy!
Me: Agh!  Blurry pictures!  You're making me wiggle!  

Obviously my concern had a big effect on her.

As usual.

And, lastly, I leave you with this weird and wonky picture from one of my late editing attempts.

Secretly?  I love it.  :)

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