Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finding Our Groove

Bryan started back to school this week.  I started going back to staying at home and chilling with Olivia full time.  And watching another sweet little girl a few days a week.  And working just in the evenings a couple days a week.  And we finally stared going on some walks again.

I think the walks, more than anything, have made me feel grounded.  In a good way.  Not grounded like, "Go to your room.  You're grounded."  Grounded like you've had your life up in the air for months and you're finally starting to get your feet back on the ground a little bit.

To be honest, I still feel a lot like things are up in the air.  I just haven't really hit my groove yet.  And of course when you move and your daughter goes from being a baby to being a little girl (seemingly) all at once, things never really go back to "normal."  Because, when you're a mom (and especially when you move across the country) "normal" never stays the same for more than a few months at a time.

When I was walking with a couple friends this morning I asked them what their plans were for the day.  None of us really knew what we'd be doing today.  But one of my friends laughed as she told us that she had been wandering around her house all morning, trying to remember what it was she used to do all day.  Let's just say, I can totally relate.

I guess some part of me thought that everything would go back to normal and our lives would gently fall back into place when Bryan started school again.  And I guess that's sort of happened.  But, mostly, it hasn't.  We're working on finding a new normal.  I thought the transition time was over, but I'm finding that it  tends to go on and on.

Transitions are hard and they tend to get old after a while.  But sometimes they can be good too.  Sometimes it means you're big enough to wear a skirt that you've had in your closet for months.  And your mom finally pulls out the next batch of clothes and--what do you know?--you have a shirt and tights that go just right.  And even a pair of pink shoes.

So I guess it's okay that we're still finding our groove.  Well, or at least we'll be finding it in pink.  :)

Skirt from my wonderful sponsor and friend Aleatha of Resurrected Threads.


Beth said...

I can totally relate. My husband's been in school since we started dating (seriously 9 yrs ago!) and he was going to school part time for a while, which is what made it take longer. But the past 1.5 yr my husband's been in med school, and since June he's been on rotations, which are all 2-4 weeks long. So every time he has a new rotation, his schedule changes, which means our schedule changes. I feel like everything is so up in the air, and it doesn't help that none of the rotations give him his schedule until the day he starts, so we can't make plans ahead of time (even on weekends he sometimes has to work) It's been ridiculous, but I keep telling myself he'll be done by next June.

Kathy Haynie said...

She looks SO grown up!!

Yes, transitions are unsettling, but sometimes in a very good way. Good for you to stay grounded with walking. Have a lovely day, however it turns out!

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Olivia is getting so much bigger! We're finally starting to get back into a routine now that school has started again. It's nice...I think it's what's really been helping the little ones nap better.

Emily said...

I love this post. It's true - transitions are hard. But it's easier in pink, that's for sure! :) Olivia looks absolutely adorable, as usual. Oh, I miss her! I bought a little "hot dog" stamp at our (new! Yay!) Hobby Lobby and so I'm planning on sending her a card from Carly soon! :)