Monday, September 19, 2011

First Day Back

Today is our first day back to real life.  Bryan's back to school and I'm back to hanging out at home with the silly little Lala pants.

Plus one.

But not in my belly.  For the next little while Olivia and I have the pleasure of having one of her favorite little friends around to play with us for a few days a week while her mommy and daddy are at work/school.  And today was our first day of that too.

So far, it's been a fun, cozy day.  A little drizzly, but not so bad that it kept us from visiting the polar bears.

And doing so was made far more pleasant with the addition of our sweet new ride (i.e. this awesome new double stroller).  We scored it brand new on Craigslist a couple days ago for a steal of a deal and I couldn't be happier with it.  Well, I guess I could be happier with it if it didn't didn't take up almost our whole trunk, but with a double stroller you can really only ask for so much.

Obviously it's great for our current situation (Olivia plus one fun friend), but I feel confident that it will also be great when we do have another baby someday.  Because the seats on this stroller can easily be switched to face forward, backward, face each other, or face away from each other.  And both of them can either sit up or lay all the way flat (perfect for newborns).  And there's a ton of great (and easily-accessible) storage space underneath.

Oh, and did I mention the awesome canopy/sunshade things?  Kept these little ladies completely dry, despite the drizzle.

So, it may be back to the boring old regular life stuff around here.  But at least we'll be doin' it in style.  :)

(And, ya know, with polar bears.  That always helps, right?)


mrsbeene said...

that looks like a fun day! :) the new stroller looks awesome & very cool! what kind is it??

Katie Lewis said...

It's a Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem Stroller Ruby. We love it!

Kathy Haynie said...

What FUN! Holly recently started watching another little guy, and he and Arora have great times together. The funny thing is, it's like the circle of life...his mommy used to play with Arora's daddy when they were little kids! (It's Chelsea's son)

Anna said...

Sweet stroller!

Lisa Lou said...

That stroller is awesome! So cute that they can face each other.

Sylvia Louise said...

I kind of wish I had an adult-sized stroller like that. Of course, unless the other person was a reaaaaaaaal good friend, it would probs just be super awkward.