Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lala Fashion: Tie-dye and Tu-tu

Clippie: Vintage yellow bow clip from my childhood
Shirt: Tie-dye onsie I scored at the local Farmer's Market before Olivia was born
Pants: Jeans from The Children's Place... via the local thrift store
Tu-tu: an adorable birthday present from Grandma
Footwear: nope

For Olivia's 2nd birthday her Grandma (my mom) made her this adorable little tu-tu.  She even glued on a fun little rainbow of mini neon pom-poms.  Olivia loves it, but wasn't a major fan of the crazy texture of the tulle.  So we  paired it with some jeans and this awesome tie-dye onesie.

The result?



Kathy Haynie said...

What a cutie she is!

If any readers want to try a tutu, they're super easy to make. I found instructions on this blog:

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Totally cute...and I'm sure the pics made Grandma's day. :)

Whitney said...

She's so cute! I can't stand it!

Lisa Lou said...

Was the onesie from the tie-dye booth and you traded granola with them? So great that it fits her now! I need one of those...

michael ann said...

so darling! i love the tiny pompoms sprinkled all over! and i must say, i love your site, its so cute :]