Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Quickie Toddler Art Apron

In the midst of gearing up for at-home preschool this year, I made this little vinyl apron for Olivia to wear when we do messy art activities.

It came together super quick and easy.

Here's the basic run-down:

  • Fold vinyl (wrong side facing up)
  • Place child's apron on the fold and trace with a pencil
  • Cut out apron
  • Sew on bias tape (bottom, sides, top, and then one long piece around the arm and neck holes)

When Olivia came downstairs the next morning and saw it hanging next to her play kitchen, she promptly requested to wear it.  And then plopped down for a good read.

The apron I used as a guide (pictured above) to make the red vinyl one was made from a fun pattern I tested for Abby of Sew Much Ado a loooong while back.  I have been meaning to post about it forever and haven't gotten around to it because... ya know, life gets in the way.

(That and my ego that wants every single picture on my blog to be phenomenal.  But that's a bit unrealistic seeing as how our home doesn't have the best indoor light.  Oh, and because I'm definitely not a real photographer.)

image via

If you're looking for a less-frilly apron pattern, Abby also has a free child-size apron pattern and tutorial.  (You'll find it HERE.)  As you can see from the superior picture above, it's a lot like the vinyl one I made for Olivia, but with a cool pocket.

Anyway, Olivia loves both aprons.  And so do I.  The end.  :)


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Both your aprons are super cute.

Kathy Haynie said...

Aprons for kiddos are the best! It's one of my favorite grandma gifts to make.

Mariko said...

Super cute! And so practical. Someday I'll learn to sew.