Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thanks guys

Mini Cards available HERE

Dear Readers,

You guys are really nice.  You make hard days less hard.  And happy days happier.  

I hope you know how much I like you.  (It's a lot.)  

Thanks so much for all the support you give.  You guys are really nice.

(So much) love,


The truth is, things have been downright hectic around here.  There are days I feel so happy and excited about things I'm working on, but I'm not ready to unveil it all yet.  And then there are other days when I'm afraid if I write anything it'll all come out in tears.  Like when you're overwhelmed and you don't want to say anything to anybody because you know if you do, you'll start blubbering.

I've written a little about it already, but, man, life has really been crazy around here.  So much of it is good.  But some of it is not my favorite.  (That's a nice way to say that some parts of life are lame right now.)  I generally choose not to write about it because 1. It doesn't make for very fun reading material and 2. I generally try to maintain some degree of professionalism.

But tonight as I've been sitting here feeling stressed and sad about some things, I got an e-mail about new things that some of you have repinned on Pinterest and it just hit me how nice you guys are.  So often (read: all the time) I get caught up in feeling like I'm not doing enough or being enough or progressing enough.  But what I don't do often enough is stop and notice how many of you are standing there beside me, encouraging me.  The fact that you spend your time reading my blog and leaving sweet comments and repinning things I've pinned really means a lot to me.

There's a real girl behind this blog.  And there are so many of you fellow real people out there being nice.  Really, thanks so much for taking the time.  I can't fully express my gratitude.  But I hope you can feel it.  Deep down where I do.


Élune said...

Unfortunately, life has its ups and downs... I really hope the things that don't go too well in your life now will go better soon. In the mean time, just try and keep up your morale! ^_^
But I'm confident you will, 'cuz you're just awesome like that. ^_~

Kendra said...

Katie, you do freaking a lot. You are amazing and one of the nicest people I know. The post lady said the little package should arrive tomorrow, fingers crossed!

Kathy Haynie said...

Wow - I really like those cards. Time to dig out the Paypal password. I'm excited to hear about your new projects when you are ready to share!

Caroline said...

The Jewish new year starts today. Have some apples and honey, a Jewish tradition for a sweet new year. So happy new year, and here's to things getting better soon!

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Love you, Sister!

Jennifer said...

That you feel lame -- just like the rest of us -- and overwhelmed -- just like the rest of us -- is one of the reasons I connect with your blog. It's one of the reasons I like "you." *and i put you in quotes only because, you know, we don't know each other. Even though I feel like I do*