Thursday, October 27, 2011

Christmas Cards

I have a confession to make guys.  I do not have Halloween on the brain.

I have thought about costumes for a total of maybe 10 minutes.  Olivia's costume was purchased for $3 from the thrift store.  Last month.  Done and done.

And the thought to pull out the fall and Halloween decorations literally didn't even cross my mind until a couple days ago when I went rummaging for decorations for a different holiday.


Christmas is on the brain, my friends.

Maybe that's because it's a holiday that actually has meaning and all that good stuff.
Maybe it's because Christmas means lots of time with family.

Or it could be that Christmas is just a holiday that just takes a lot more preparation!

Last year I had the opportunity to write a post about some of my favorite Christmas cards from Shutterfly and order some Christmas cards for our family for free.

The folks at Shutterfly were so great to work with, the cards arrived super quick, and everything was top quality.  

I couldn't be happier to have that opportunity again this year!

And this year three of you will get to order FREE Christmas cards from Shutterfly too!

As my siblings and I grow up and move farther apart, Christmas cards have become a great way to send a note to everyone each year and remind them that I love them.

Since we moved and had some other bigger things happen this year, I'm considering one of these nifty "Top 10" cards as a quick and easy way to update our friends and family about our lives.


I'm also strongly considering going the funny route with our cards this year.

I'd love to get this card and put in a picture of Bryan, Olivia, and myself sprawled out on the ground so it looks like the globe got all shaken up with us flying in different directions.


Though the selection of retro-style cards is also rather tempting.

I also love that Shutterfly has a great selection of Thank You cards to choose from.
In my house growing up, thank you cards were just as much a tradition as giving gifts.
That's a tradition that I hope to pass on.

And if you're into Christmas, but not so much the red-and-green craze, Shutterfly also has loads of great options in their Holiday cards.

I'm a big fan of the fun styling and bright colors.


So what do you say?
Would you like to order some for your own family?

Three lucky winners will receive a coupon code that lets you order 25 5" x 7" cards from Shutterfly.

To enter, just leave a comment on this post.
Make sure to include your e-mail address.
And that's it!

This giveaway will remain open for entries until midnight on October 30th.
Winners will be randomly chosen and announced on November 1st.

Ready... set... enter!


Dorothy said...

Oh my, am I first? Please add my name to the list to win!

Alison said...

Oh yay! I love Shutterfly cards and would loooove 25 free!!

Krista S. said...

This would be great for Christmas!!!! Hope I win because that forces me to get some nice family pictures taken :)

kati said...

This is great!

Lauren said...

How fun! I live shutterfly too!

The Gibbons Family said...

Shutterfly cards are wonderful! This wold be great to help me get a jumpstart on my cards!

shayna_gibbons (at) yahoo (dot) com

kellebelle said...

Those top 10 cards are so cute! Well, so are the others. :) Anyway, I'd love to get some! mikelle(dot)lewis(at)gmail(dot)com

Josh and Alice said...

These would be awesome!

Sarah said...

Ooh fun! skblue13 at

The Jessee Journal said...

Shutterfly does SUCH beautiful card designs. marcie dot jessee at gmail dot com :)

Hillary said...

yes please! :) Love me some free Christmas cards!

The Tubbs Family said...

So exciting! I love shutterfly and have used them to make 2 of my kid's baby books.
jen_fluffy (at) hotmail (dot) com.
Thanks for the card ideas!

Diana said...

I love Shutteryfly and have used it for years. Would love to share some photo this Christmas with cards, add my name to the list and then please pick it.
Thanks for the chance

Kristie said...

Love the top 10 idea. How cute and fun!

Lauren said...

My family has never been big into giving Christmas cards, but this would be so easy! Not to mention fun to scroll through and pick which ones to get!

Unknown said...

The snowglobe card sounds hilarious.

Emma said...

I have never used shutter fly but I am so excited to give it a try! I hope I win! I would love to use the snow globe card. Very cute :)

Veronica said...

We would love to send out photo cards for Christmas this year! keverwann@gmail(dot)com

Jessica said...

I would so love to win this. I haven't put the time of effort into doing Christmas cards the last couple of years but I know our families would really love them. -Bee

Lacey said...

Pick me!

Dannika said...

This would be wonderful to win. Sign me up! :)

dannika.white (at) yahoo (dot) com

Spencer and Whitney said...

Your Christmas card was one of my most favorites last year. It was SO cute! Seriously, it was front and center on our card garland :)

Trina said...

awesome! I really need to start thinking about our cards. These were some great picks to share.

Stephanie said...

Awesome! This would be so much fun! dansgirl.aug07 (at) gmail (dot) com

Kendra Last-Bookartist said...

Please please please pick me!!! I will make something cool for your brown bags if you do. (Well I will anyway, but that's beside the point.) Love Christmas cards! I would use a top 10 one!
Kendra Last

Sarah Stout said...

I LOVE SHUTTERFLY & your blog, so this is a double win! :) I have used their cards for a few years, but would love to get some FREE!


Tara said...

Love shutterfly cards!! Great giveaway.

Marsha M. said...

Love the pictures. Seriously giving this some thought as I broke my arm recently and the sort I usually make are definitely out this year! Thanks for the great idea!

mccaulla at

Emily said...

I REALLY want to win! :)

Nancy said...

Great giveaway! This would simplify my card plans, for sure!

tera said...

I love their cards! So cute and a fun way to tell friends and family what you're up to!