Saturday, October 8, 2011

I know it's green, but what else is about it?

My BFF posted this video on her blog a couple weeks ago and I keep thinking about it and laughing.

When I went back to watch it again tonight I thought I'd better just share it here with all of you.

So, while it has nothing to do with crafting and sewing, I still think you will all like it.  Especially if you are a mom.  Or if you have a mom.  Or if you know one.

P.S. I keep doing that sing-songy voice (without thinking) with Olivia lately and every time I do I picture myself as the mom in this video.  First I have a little giggle fit.  Then I just hope I don't look like this man mom.  ...I don't, right?


Mego said...

Oh man Kid History is my favorite!! I think episode 6 is my favorite but I also really like episode 4 ;)

Lisa Lou said...

I watched this when she posted it too and was laughing SO HARD! I love this one. And that's so funny about the sing-songy voice... haha!

Sarah said...

There is only one minute left in my brain!

Have you watched the other episodes yet? So funny... I love those guys.

Nathan said...

These are my favorite videos! My roommate and I watch them on a daily bases. E-HO-DE-HO!