Monday, October 3, 2011

Learning Colors with Fruit Loops

This week here in our little at-home preschool we're focusing on COLORS.  Wheee!  So fun!  

Okay, truth be told, I'm actually not that psyched about it.  Haha.  But the kids are!  (And that's what's important, right?  Right.)  

So today after we turned over the day on our calendar and talked about the weather and reviewed our colors together, (and sang some songs and other random little things), the kids made these fun little necklaces.

It was just as simple as I'm sure you're imagining.
First I tied a fruit loop onto one of each string (you know, to keep the rest from falling off) and then we let the kids have at it!  They needed a little help of course, but they did a great job--both with stringing the fruit loops on and with saying the names of each color.

Our little friend's necklace was a bit too small to fit over his head.
But he didn't really seem to mind so long as he got to keep snitching the left overs from the bowl.

And for those of you who love that I'm a regular person, you can just feel better about yourselves knowing that we do preschool down in the basement... where the light is terrible... where every single picture turns out blurry.  Cool, no?

P.S. Can anyone with a really keen eye tell what I was working on all weekend?


Find more fun and easy preschool ideas on the Preschool page.  You can also find them by clicking on the Preschool button in the header.  Enjoy!   


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Do I see some bows in the background?

Kathy Haynie said...

That is a great idea for practicing colors. I'd use it in the nursery except that I have some gluten-free kiddos. Too bad Rice Chex cereal doesn't have little holes in it...haha.