Friday, October 21, 2011

October 2011 Brown Bag: The People!

The October Brown Bag RSVP list had 31 people on it.
I think we ended up with about 25 people.
Which is a lot.

It was crazy and fun planning for so many people.
And so worth every minute of work that went into it.

Getting to meet and hang out with all these fun ladies is what made the October 2011 Brown Bag so much fun!

Note: All photos are used with permission courtesy of Belle Photography.  Thank you so much for taking all of these wonderful pictures, Noelle!

Laura (and her cute pregnant belly) and Kelsey listen to Lacey tell us about a quilt she brought to show off.

Lacey with her cute quilt.

Julia with Kelly, showing off the cute quilt she brought.

Kelly admitted as she was telling us about her quilt that this is actually the only thing she's sewn and that she hadn't planned to bring anything to show off.  But when she came in and remembered that there would be a prize drawing for anyone who showed off something they made, she remembered this was in her car and she ran out to get it.  It looks great, Kelly!

From left to right...

Laura, Kelsey, Alice, Julia, Kelly, Britney, and Becca watch me demonstrate how to make the Simple Bows.

Well, Kelly's not watching.  But she made cute bows anyway.  Haha.

From left to right...

Julia, Kelly, Britney, and Becca listen to me blab about... something.

Haha.  I don't know what I was talking about here.  Something about how to make the bows I guess.
I think I was a little preoccupied with trying to fix my sweet side pony tail.

Meanwhile, Brittany checks out a finished bow.


As if you couldn't tell, these two are sisters!
And how adorable is it that one is pregnant and the other just had her baby?

Whitney, Lisa, Brittany, and Britney work on their bows downstairs.

Lindsey helps Maloree with her bows.

This was the first night I met Lindsey.
And I was a little nervous about having a Home Ec teacher there in the room while I was doing the demonstration.  But she was really nice about it and pretended I did a good job.

Also, she apparently knows one of my favorite people in the whole world (well, her husband anyway).
When she told me that I kept going on and on about how awesome that is.
That's not weird, right?

Karianne scopes out the snack food area with her sweet baby.

I told everyone ahead of time that children were not invited and that babies could only come if they were going to be worn in a front pack the entire time.

I thought for sure we'd end up with babies being passed around anyway, but no.
The two girls who brought their sweet babies with them were such troopers.
They wore their babies the entire night.

While they cut their bow pieces.
At the sewing machine.
While they munched on goodies.

Hooray for sweet, sleeping babies and awesome moms.

Just for the record, it's not that I'm a baby hater.  It's just that Brown Bag gets pretty crowded and there isn't space to have car seats laying around.  And it's just way too busy to have little people underfoot.

Sarah irons her pieces with Johan looking on.

Both of these ladies were brand new to sewing and they both did so well.

I was so happy that people who didn't have a lot of experience sewing still felt comfortable enough to come!
I'm totally impressed by all the people who came and tried something new.

And it was so rewarding for me to see that look on their faces when they showed me their bows.
Their eyes and smiles said, "I made this!  That is so cool!"

Laura (front) and Lacey (back) working away on their bows.

Julia, Lauren, and Allison--either they were cutting out the pieces for their bows or hanging out by the dessert table.

I only knew about half of the people who came before the night started.
It was so fun to hang out with so many fun ladies.
Chatting with them, helping them with their bows, and eating all the wonderful food they brought made Brown Bag a total success in my book.

Thanks so much to everyone who came and participated!
I hope you'll all join us again next month!

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Why is Julia in Ohio? She was in Boston with me and then at BYU last year!