Friday, October 28, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

Oh the irony of posting about the pumpkin patch right after I said I hadn't thought about Halloween at all.  Oh well.

The weather has been turning colder and more crisp.

In progress -- 90 Min Shirt --Made from an old favorite Halloween shirt of mine

Time for some new long sleeve shirts.

And a trip to the pumpkin patch

My good friend and her little girl invited Olivia and me to go to the pumpkin patch with them and we were delighted to go along.

At the pumpkin patch, there was a barn full of fun for little kids.
They had a miniature maze made from hay bales that the kids had a blast running around (and around and around) in.

They also had this awesome Corn Box.
(As opposed to a Sand Box.)

Lala sporting her new Halloween shirt (pictured in progress above) -- I love watching little kids when they're focused.
The kids loved it and happily sifted and shoveled the corn for a good long while.
And I loved that Olivia didn't come home with sand everywhere and anywhere.  Win-win.

After a good long play in the maze and the corn box, we headed over to the lawn to pick out some pumpkins.  We could have gone and actually picked them from the real pumpkin patch, but it was rainy and we had toddlers.  Picking pumpkins from the front lawn was about as adventurous as we needed to be.

On our one minute walk over to the pumpkins, Olivia slipped in a wet spot on the lawn and fell flat on her face and got this funny little mud spot right on her tummy.
Haha.  Poor kid.  She was fine though.  Just a little wet.

Olivia picked out a perfect little pumpkin...

...carried it over...

...and plopped it in the wheelbarrow.

Sometimes she does things and I think, "Really?  You're big enough to do that?"
I had no idea she could pick up a pumpkin and carry it all the way over to the wheelbarrow.  And then actually get it in there without any problems.

Even if the pumpkin was little.

I kind of can't get enough of the above picture (and the 20 others I took that are almost exactly like it).
I love the dark, pretty sky, the bright orange pumpkins and green grass, and the cute, funny little girl.
Complete with rain boots and a big mud spot.

Lala's little friend also had a great time picking out pumpkins.

She and Olivia had a grand old time chasing each other through all the pumpkins on the lawn.
For all they knew, this was just as good as getting pumpkins out of the mud.

As we were getting ready to head back to the farm stand, I offered to take a picture of our friends.

Aren't they cute?

Then my friend offered to take a picture of me and Olivia.

Me: "Oh.  Let's try and get one where I don't look like I'm in the KKK."

Probably as good as it's going to get.

Uh... yup.

Then we headed back up to the farm stand to pay for our loot.

It was so pretty with all of the fresh fall decor.

These sweet, tiny little gourds were tempting.

Along with these tiny baby one pumpkins.

Even more tempting were the pumpkin doughnuts.
If you don't live in a place where they sell pumpkin doughnuts, you have my pity.
They're kind of my favorite thing about living in Ohio.

Olivia's a pretty big fan too.
I had to get her her own because I knew she'd want bites of mine.
And I was not about to be sharing bites of mine.

Mmm.  Good thing this doughnut case isn't in my house.
Otherwise it would be empty.  And I would have some serious pounds to lose.

All in all, it was a great day at the pumpkin patch!

How have you been enjoying fall lately?


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Fun, fun. I need to get a pumpkin patch post of my own up still...maybe today. Becca wore that same shirt yesterday...although without the homemade feel. We were given the shirt back when our Katie was that size and now Becca has inherited it.

Lisa Lou said...

That looks like a perfect fall day. So fun. And, uh, yeah, those pumpkin donuts... probably good I haven't found any in Logan...

Amanda said...

It looks like y'all had a wonderful day! I'm also a BIG fan of corn boxes over sand boxes - wish we had a covered area to make a corn box for our house! Here in good 'ole VA I haven't come across any pumpkin donuts, but I'm lovin the apple cider donuts that we've had this fall.

Emily said...

How fun! I love the cute pictures! We LOVE our apple cider donuts and pumpkin donuts at our favorite little local place. Next fall you MUST come to our place and we will all go there. :)

Kathy Haynie said...

I love those pictures with the sky behind, too. And I especially love the mama-daughter photos. Love you!