Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wanted: Stylists

After my sad attempt at Getting Dressed last week, my good friend Lauren (who talked me into this business in the first place) sent me a kind e-mail saying that I had done a good job... and that I should take pictures of some of my clothes so she could tell me how to wear them properly.  Haha.

With the hope of leaving no piece of lame clothing stone unturned, I instead photographed every single piece of clothing I own (minus pajamas and the like) and all of my accessories and posted them all in my new Flickr group.  You can see the motley crew here:

Now you can all browse through it and help me piece together cool outfits.

But first, a few quick things:

  • Warning: the pictures are terrible.  There was no hope of me getting enough time to take photos of everything during the daylight hours, so I took all of the photos at night in terrible lighting.  So they're almost all at least a little blurry.  If you're looking for wardrobe eye candy, you won't find it here.  
  • Please don't add pictures to the "My Wardrobe" group.  It's public so everyone can see it, but it'll just get confusing if other people start adding pictures to the photo pool.
  • Add your own pictures to the "YOUR Wardrobe" group.  Want to inspire us with your own cool outfits or wardrobe pieces?  Snap a picture and add it to the "YOUR Wardrobe" photo pool.  We can all use a little inspiration.  :)
  • Please feel free to leave comments!  (Nice ones.)  If you're not up for piecing together an entire outfit, you're more than welcome to leave comments on certain pieces and suggest ways I might wear them.
  • I have a white shirt and white tank top.  These two items are the only things I wasn't able to snap pictures of in my picture-taking frenzy last night.  They were in the dryer.  So I'll try to add pictures of them soon (Oooh exciting!), but in the mean time, you're of course welcome to include them in outfit submissions. *These have now been added!  Hooray!

Okay, are we all on the same page so far?  Good.  

Now let's talk about how to submit an outfit!  

Each submission will need to follow these rules:

  • Modesty First  (Tops must include a layer with sleeves and low-cut tops need a tank top or tee underneath.  Bottoms must come at least to the knee.)
  • Be Realistic  (Outfit submissions can only be composed of things that are actually in my wardrobe.  If/when I acquire new wardrobe pieces, I'll add them to the My Wardrobe group for you to see.)
  • Plan An Entire Outfit  (Top + Bottom + Footwear = Outfit.  Also feel free to include accessories and hair styles.  For hair styles it's probably best to include a link to show me what you mean.  Feel free to name the outfit if you'd like.)
  • Include Links (When you refer to an item from my wardrobe, please include a link to that item.  Example submission below.)
  • Contact Information  (If I actually wear the outfit you suggest and post about it, you'll of course get credit for the styling!  So please include a blog address (if applicable) with each outfit submission.  --If you'd like to submit an outfit, but don't have a blog, that's totally fine.  Just let me know what you'd like to be referred to as when I credit you.  Otherwise I'll just have to do my best to identify you somehow.  I will never publish your e-mail address.)
  • Submit all outfits to me via e-mail.  I'll send you a confirmation e-mail once I've received it.

Submission Example:
Just so we're all on the same page about Outfit Submissions, here's an example for you to look over.

This outfit was submitted by Lauren of The Little Things We Do



grey v-neck sweater:

black blazer w/ sleeves rolled up (wear unbuttoned):

these 3 bracelets stacked:

black flats:

jeans (cuff them haphazardly, like so: http://pinterest.com/pin/9832640/ ):

hair casually pulled back on both sides with bobby pins:

Well, now you all know how lame my wardrobe is!  Haha.  I hope some of you will have fun playing stylist though.  And hopefully in the process, I'll finally learn how to dress myself.  :)


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea! I may have to try this myself, if I ever get organized enough!

Janelle said...

What a great idea! and how fun! Too bad I cannot help, I have a horrible style sense and pretty much live in yoga pants and long sleeve Ts in winter, and tank w/some form of shorts in summer. :/

Lisa Lou said...

yay! this will be fun.

Kendra said...

Are you guys really coming to dc for christmas? Yay!