Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Busy and A Pretty Song

Hey guys!  Sorry for the lack of posts about Christmas decorations.  I've been working really hard (i.e. many hours) on updating the tutorials page on my blog.  It's super outdated right now and--ahem--kind of junky.  The complete overhaul I've got going on is gonna be worth it, but it's taking all my time right now.

I hope to have the next post about Christmas decorations up in the next couple of days, but it probably won't be today.

And since tomorrow is kind of the official start of the holiday season and a lot of people are probably getting stressed, here's a pretty song to calm your nerves.


Anybody else out there a fan of The Weepies?


Marae said...

oh i love this song. i used to sing it every morning at harvest fresh (woke up, wished that i was dead, with an aching in my head...that part applied a lot).

alison said...

i really really like that music video. super coolness.