Friday, November 18, 2011

December Brown Bag

Brown Bag

A monthly night of creative fun!

December Edition: Easy Felt Ornaments!

This month we'll be making some fun, simple felt ornaments together!
These ornaments are specially great for kids because they're soft and squishy (i.e. not breakable!)

I'll be teaching everybody how to do a simple blanket stitch and a few basic embroidery techniques.

These ornaments are a perfect project for beginning sewers and they make great gifts!

So come enjoy a fun, cozy evening to chat, eat great food, and sew!

Here's all the info for December's Brown Bag event:

When: Tuesday, December 6th from 6-9pm

Where: Columbus, OH (e-mail me for exact location)

Who: You and your crafty friends
(Children are not invited.  Very young babies that will be worn in a front pack may come if they need to, but please don't bring in the whole car seat as space may be limited.)

What: Easy Felt Ornaments!  
          We'll be making some very fun, simple, and versatile projects made from t-shirts.  (See attached photo)
          At Brown Bag we usually make one item to keep and one to share, but this month everybody will keep 
          the ornaments you make so you can give them as gifts if you want to.
           We'll also have a lot of fun prizes to give away! 
          Some prizes will be awarded for special things (see below), but everyone who comes will be entered 
          to win prizes in the general drawing.  

What to bring--materials: Each guest needs to at least one piece of felt, some embroidery floss (optional-- see details below), and a pair of scissors (sewing scissors, preferably, if you have them) 

                                         Cheap craft felt or real wool felt will work well for this little project.
                                         If you're not sure what felt is, just reply to this e-mail and ask.
                                         The Dollar Tree now carries small packs of felt for $1, which is a great deal.

                                         embroidery floss:
                                         This can be purchased at most craft or sewing supplies stores.
                                         If you're not sure what embroidery floss is, just reply to this e-mail and ask.
                                         Optional: If you don't want to buy your own embroidery floss, you're welcome to use 
                                         some from my own supply, but I ask that you please bring an extra $1.00 so I 
                                         can replace it later.

                                         Even though you're probably the only one that will be using your scissors, 
                                         please be sure to label them!  That way I can get them back to you in case they get 
                                         left behind.
                                         Sewing scissors will work best (to cut felt, etc.), but if you don't have sewing 
                                         scissors, just bring a regular pair of scissors.  They'll still be good for snipping threads.

                                         Hand sewing needles, stuffing, and some simple patterns will be provided.

What to bring--food:      Each guest is encouraged to bring 1 plate of treats or snack food to share.
                                     While mediocre treats are sure to be consumed, really impressive and addicting treats 
                                      are preferred.

                                     And to make it worth your while, there will be some pretty sweet (pun intended) prizes 
                                     awarded to everybody's favorites.
                                     So pull out your most impressive recipes and show us what you've got!
                                     Oh, and the theme for the food (for those of you who may feel theme-inspired) 
                                     is CHRISTMAS.
                                     I know, I know, so original, right?

What to bring--projects: We'd love for you to bring a project (or two or three) to show off!
                                      This month it would be especially fun to see some Christmas gifts 
                                      (either for past years or this coming Christmas) that you've made.
                                      These can be sewing or crafting projects.  Don't be shy!
                                      Everyone who brings a project to show off will be entered into an additional prize 
                                      drawing (just one entry per person).
                                      Ooooh, sound good?

$1 Jar:  Putting everything together for the Brown Bag nights is lot of fun, but also a lot of work!  And, while it 
            certainly isn't an expensive party to host, it does cost a little bit to keep everything in working order.  
            Each guest is encouraged to bring $1 to add to the jar to help cover expenses.  

The prizes: I'm still in the process of rounding up sponsors for the December Brown Bag, so prizes are        
                   currently TBA. 
                   If you have an Etsy shop or another kind of handmade (or mom/woman-related) business and you'd 
                   like to be a sponsor, please shoot me and e-mail and let me know!

RSVP: If you'd like to join us for December's Brown Bag event (and I hope you will!) please e-mail me at 
  to let me know you'd like to come.  

           Just copy and paste the following into an e-mail to me:
My name is: (Please put your first and last name here)

I want to come to the Brown Bag on Dec. 6th!  
I know I need to bring some felt and embroidery floss (or that I can use your embroidery floss for $1.00).  
I'll also remember to bring a pair of scissors.

           Brown Bags (goodie bags) will be guaranteed for all those who RSVP on or before 
           Saturday, November 26th.  (Next Saturday!)
           If you aren't able to RSVP by that date, you are still more than welcome to come!  
           But the Brown Bags will go on a first-come, first-served basis.

           Also, if you plan to bring friends with you, please tell me that they'll be coming when you RSVP so I can 
           plan accordingly.

I hope to see some of you in December!

If you have any questions at all please feel free to shoot me an e-mail.


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

I'd totally come if I lived close enough. I've had homemade ornaments on the brain lately. If only this SAT project would end soon, maybe I could get started on some of them.

Beth said...

Darn! I'd actually be in the area on the 16th (driving through) but this sounds like fun. You actually inspired me to have a craft night with my friends, last night we all got together and made wreaths. It was loads of fun. Thanks!

Sarah Stout said...

In your "spare time" you should add a button on the side for all of your Brown Bag posts! :)

I just thought of this because I wanted to refer my friend to your blog to show her the "Brown Bag" nights that you're doing, but it's hard navigate through to find the Brown Bag posts without a button. Just a thought! I love your creativity and all that you're doing! :)