Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

The only pictures I took today were on somebody else's camera.

And I am happy to say that it was at that friend's house where we enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with lots of fun friends.  Most especially I'm glad about that because it means that it was not here at our house.  I love to have company over and you all know I love throwing the not-so-occasional party.  But I was happy to just be a helper this time around.  And our hostess did a great job.  So did all of our friends who came and brought super yummy food.

I chose to share this picture from the archives today mostly because the chairs are orange.

But also because it reminds me of a song my friend wrote about "a place reserved for two."  He'd hate for me to tell you all that the song was actually a romantic one, but I am happy to tell you that I don't mean it romantically today.  (Or at least, he'd be happy I don't mean it romantically, anyway.  He doesn't like mushy stuff.)

No, I don't mean it romantically.  This picture in all it's charm and reality just sums up so well what it is to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinners made up of young friends.  Here we all are, living the life of poor college students, made poorer by the fact that our husbands are pursuing higher degrees... but we don't really mind.  Because life isn't about sitting in a picture-perfect setting on Thanksgiving Day.  It's about loving life.  And I do.  And I love that I got to spend Thanksgiving Day today with wonderful friends who are funny and kind and--ahem--better cooks than I am.

Life is great, guys.  I'm really thankful for that.
So whether you're celebrating Thanksgiving here in the US or just having a nice regular Thursday,

May there be a place reserved for two in all of our homes and in all of our hearts.

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