Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Plain and Simple

Whew!  It's finally ready!  My new blog design, that is.  How do you like it?

I'll tell you what I love about it.

First and foremost, it's plain and simple.  It has plenty of white space to make for easy reading.  And the designer in me loves that the plain and simple color scheme doesn't clash with the things I put up.

Secondly, I love the font that everything is in.  It's classic and simple and reasonably timeless.  And it also happens to match the font on my stamp set that I love.  Woot woot!

Third, I love the red button on my header.  Kind of reminds me of this big fun red button.  But, you know, in logo form.

Fourth, I love my fabulous blog designer and all the time she took to make things just the way I wanted them.  Her name is Kendra and you can find her over at her fun blog, Our Little Almanac, where she blogs about her glamorous life as a stay at home mom and wife to a grad student.  (Why does that scenario sound so familiar...?)

I've known Kendra for seven years now.  (Really?  Seven?  Can you believe that, Kendra?)  She was my freshman roommate in the dorms at BYU.  I won't tell you embarrassing stories about her, but I will tell you that she was definitely the cool one.  One look at our closets (then or now) and you would know that.  I kind of feel cool just knowing her.

But Kendra's also one of the nicest and most genuine people you will ever meet.  Proof of this is the fact that she let me wrangle her into helping me redesign my blog.  And when I say help I mean that I bossed her around and made her do everything for me.

Try not to be too jealous of my awesome handwriting in Paint skills.

Other than asking her to tweak my header at least eight times right at the last minute, Kendra also added some tidy little buttons for my Pinterest, Flickr, and Facebook pages.

And she made lots of great plain and simple tabs for the sidebar.  Including (in addition to what was already there) a tab for the new Adoption page I made and (FINALLY!) a tab for the new and improved Tutorials & Projects page.

I gave the new Tutorials page a face lift all around.  I wish I was faster with Photoshop and HTML coding because it took me hours to make it happen.  But it's so much better now!

You'll find that the tutorials and projects are organized by category and (almost) all of my tutorials are now included on the page.  I still have a few more to add (and one to fix...grr), but it's a fairly complete list for you to peruse now.  Enjoy!

Anyway, while I know this new design is probably not a big deal to most of you out there, it's something I'm really happy about.  Partly because I love the updated look.  But also because I'm really proud of myself for  finally doing it (and learning several tricks along the way).  Major credit goes to my sister Polly who walked me through how to do the HTML code for the tutorials page.  Thank you, Polly!  And, of course, a huge thanks to Kendra for all her help.

What do you think?


Kendra said...

Well I of course love it! Great job on the tutorials page! HTML is a kick in the pants, but it's always fun to learn how to do new things.

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

It looks awesome, Katie! I'm glad you were able to get the code to work for you.

Kathy Haynie said...

Classy! Just like you...

Julie Rosenhan said...

It looks great Katy! I really like it.

A helpful (REALLY helpful) website for HTML coding is You might want to check it out next time you have some coding to do; that is unless you already knew about that website, if so, please disregard this message!

Bryan Lewis said...

I love the Paint editing. I really do. And I love you too, of course.

Unknown said...

Hi Kendra! I am SO happy to be following your blog now. It's just the cutest! Can't wait to read more of it. Thanks!

Lauralee said...

little slow here, but yes! I LOVE the new design. So simple, clean and clear. Beautiful.