Monday, November 28, 2011

Pros and Cons of a Google .COM

I'm still settling in to this whole being a .com thing.  Here are a few pros and cons so far:


  • My web address is (considerably) shorter
  • And it actually matches the name of my blog
  • Having a .com makes me feel cool
  • I just like it


  • It's actually not much different than being a
  • It costs $10/year
  • All of my blog rolls got deleted*
  • It totally freaked me out when I couldn't access my blog for 30 minutes or so while things were starting to get switched over
  • Google, I love you, but you could do a heck of a lot better job explaining how this whole process is going to work
  • I'm still not sure whether I will continue to be able to sign in with my personal e-mail address/account or if I'm going to have to start signing in with my new business e-mail/account
  • No idea how to sign back into said business account at the moment since it's instead of being

*This, so far, has been the thing that bothers me most.  I'm now having to try and remember blogs off the top of my head and go back and find them.  Needless to say, there is going to be some unintended pruning of my reading list going on.  Boo-hoo.

Despite the obviousness of the lists, I'd still say the pros outweigh the cons.  I feel confident that (with help) I'll be able to work through the things that I'm clueless about right now and it'll all be worth it in the end.

And I know I've mentioned it far too much lately, but I really have been working on some redesign work (which will hopefully be up soon) and I think it will have some staying power.  Which is a big deal for me.

Also, I have some other bigger, cooler things in the works right now (that are a long time coming, sorry) that have pushed me to be more professional than I've bothered to be up to this point.  I'm really working toward creating a brand label for myself instead of just a funky mismatched blog.  Hopefully some of these little things will help me as I work toward that goal.

Your opinion:
But back to what's important.

What do you think?  Does having a .com web address make me look cooler?

Please feel free to leave all "yes" answers in the comments.


Emily said...

I think you're cool no matter what you do. :) But I like it! It makes you seem so official! And I'm impressed that you would even try because, to be honest, anything with computers scares the pants off of me. :) I just don't know much about html codes and all that jazz. So go you! Also, see you SOON!!!!! I'm totally psyched!!!

Sarah Stout said...

Do you use Google Reader or a feed reader? That could solve your "blog roll" problem (hoping you do use one!) I have all of my subscriptions in my Google Reader, that way I won't lose my blog roll unless I lose my Google Reader account. That is WAY too sad to even consider!

Good luck making all of the changes! :)

Jennifer said...

Very cool. So cool, you sizzle.

Lisa Lou said...

So, is your site still hosted by Google/Blogger? I guess I'm confused about that. What was your motive for switching? Besides being super awesome. Do you have more freedom in designing or maintaining the site?

Lisa @ MMT said...

Sounds complicated! But your blog looks great! Hope you figure out all the issues and enjoying your coolness :)

Unknown said...

what a cute blog! so happy to have found it! and that pictures has made me crave sweets all of a sudden. yum! xo

Melissa said...

Ha, ha, you are super cool.
Wow, I had no idea it was only $10/year...not bad.
If you are going for more professional, I think this will really help..good job!

Can't wait to see your new design.

Sew Much Ado said...

I think it all looks awesome! I've been wanting to re-design my blog for awhile, but every time I start, I get all nervous and stop. And then there's the problem that some random awesome spammer took the name "", and I can't decide if I should just go with "" or "". Sorry, that's definitely TMI :). Good for you to actually make changes, it really does look fresh and nice. Maybe I'll head down to my computer again tonight, haha!