Friday, January 20, 2012

3 Quick Things

Number 1
First up,thousands of you (okay, so it was actually just two people) asked what these Vanilla Graham Cracker Goldfish were.  So... here's a picture of the package.

Bryan says they taste like animal crackers.  I say they taste better.

Lala watching the Olivia the pig show... notice the bag of crackers next to her

I think Olivia would tell you they taste way better.  Once she discovered we had some she's basically carried them around the house and cuddled with them non-stop.  I had to hide them this morning.

Me with my baby laptop... last month
Number 2
Second of all, Bryan's been reading the posts I've been writing recently and he said that it sounds like I have cancer.

So I just wanted to say in case you were wondering, I do not have cancer.  Nothing like.  In fact, compared to having cancer, what I'm going through is nothing.

And speaking of blogging about cancer, has anyone else become even more addicted to reading Lil Blue Boo than ever before?  Ashley amazes me.  Not only with her awesome tutorials and ideas and her spunky, upbeat attitude, but also because she's been so open about what she's going through.  If you ever happen to read this, Ashley, you rock.  You totally rock.  And the video about shaving your head almost made me cry.

Anyway, back to my lame medical issue that is not anywhere near as impressive as having cancer.  I am happy to report that I am feeling so much better today.  I think it helped that Bryan didn't have to rush off first thing this morning, so I got to sleep in a little.  And when I woke up I didn't feel all sicky and gross and the part of me that was hurting all day yesterday isn't hurting so far today.  Hallelujah!  I'm sure there will continue to be some ups and downs as this all unfolds, but it's so nice to be enjoying a little "up" today.  I might even leave the house... for the first time since we heard the bad news on Tuesday afternoon.

Number 3
With feeling sick and stuff, I've kind of neglected to play up the fact that my very first official pattern is now available for sale in the shop.  Hooray!

If you'd like to purchase this fabulous pattern and instructions, you can find it HERE in the shop.

If you'd like to enter to WIN a copy of this fabulous pattern and instructions, you can enter HERE.  That giveaway closes today though.  Just FYI.

Happy Friday everyone!  Have a great day!


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Glad you're feeling a little better.

Becca just walked up and asked "Is that Livia?" She is giving me the idea there aren't nearly enough "Livie" pictures in this post...but I don't know if there ever could be enough. She used to ask for Grandma Kathy pictures all the time...she seems to have migrated to asking for "Livie" pictures all the time now.

Holly Mayer said...

So glad yu are having an up morning.

Anna said...

The package looks cool. Maybe the crackers are not so gross... I am still reserving judgement. Also, good to know you don't have cancer. It cracked me up that you cleared that up for us all :) You should have some Flips. They make me feel better.

Jennifer said...

I totally thought you had cancer. Thanks for clearing that up!

Emily said...

I'm glad today was an up day! I hope your whole weekend is an up one! :)

alee said...

Olivia looks so cute with her hair done in braids...just saying...

Jen, Josh, Lilyana, and Levi said...

I have to admit--reading through your blog last night I was genuinely worried and really, really, really concerned. Phew :) I feel relieved--not that what you are going through is easy or anything, but cancer was what was flying through my mind, too. Hang in there, you are a strong girl!

Liz said...

I hope you continue to feel better x