Friday, January 27, 2012

Blighted Ovum: How I'm Feeling The Morning After Surgery

Couldn't Sleep
I have no idea why (maybe it was my sweet drug-laced pain killers), but I could not fall asleep last night.  The picture above was taken in real time.  In the AM.  Boo.  Bry and I went to bed around 11:00 something  pm.  He had to get up early for a test and fell asleep right away.  I laid there for a couple hours moving around every two seconds with my mind racing about anything and everything.

Finally around 1:30 am I got out of bed and came downstairs to hang out on the couch so Bryan could get some sleep without my fidgeting.  I finally went back up and fell asleep sometime after 4:00 am.  I thought I'd be dead tired today, but I ended up sleeping until a little after 9:00 am which was more than I expected, so no complaints.

Last night after I finished writing this post about the surgery, I started having some cramping.  I know you're all going to hate me for saying this, but I usually have really easy periods with zero cramping.  So I was kind of dumb and didn't even realize it was cramping for a while.  I just kept telling Bryan I had a stitch in my side.  (You know, like the kind you get when you go running... umm... when you're in awesome non-running shape like me.)

The next couple doses of pain meds (my tylenol laced with codine) didn't really seem to make a big difference.  It wasn't intense pain, I was just uncomfortable.  I'm not used to having cramping at all and I'm kind of a baby about it.

For some reason I thought I'd have a lot of residual bleeding.  But I don't.  They sent me home with a kind of large-ish pad when I left the outpatient center after surgery yesterday.  I traded it out for a long, regular pad when I got home.  Neither of them got anywhere close to filling up.  I could trade out the long regular pad for one of those really dinky little tiny pads that you use at the end of your period when you're not really sure if it's the end of your period... but I'm kind of too lazy to go hunt for one.  Maybe later.  Anyway, this is all by way of saying that I'm hardly even spotting now.  This is not at all the blood fest I thought it would be.

Feeling Fine
In general, I woke up this morning feeling fine.  I'm not even really having cramps anymore.  Maybe they'll come back as I get up and move around more?  Not sure.  As you can see, I'm looking really lovely this morning.  Probably the babysitter that came to pick up Olivia this morning rushed home to do her hair and get dressed exactly like me.  Frumpy is the new pretty.  Didn't you know?

Thanks for all your love.  I'm doing great.  Definitely on the mend.  I foresee some actual creative posts sometime in the near future.  Woot woot.  I may even get up and do a little sewing today.  :)


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

So glad you're having a good morning, and good luck getting a little sewing done.

Jennifer said...

Seriously thanks for sharing this. It's hard to get straight talk on difficult topics. Glad you're feeling better!

Courtney B said...

Oh man... I'm sorry you had to go through this and have surgery :( But despite not having much sleep, I'm happy to hear that you're feeling pretty good! Praying for your swift recovery!

Liz said...

I hope you continue to make a good recovery x

Unknown said...

I am having a sleepless night tonight, which made me think of your post. I hope you continue to recover so quickly. You are in our prayers! Julia

emmalou said...

Glad to hear you are doing so fabulously!