Saturday, January 14, 2012

Color Online

A house with an achoo in the window, three balloons (one with a Santa hat--ho!  ho!  ho!), a sun, some grass, and a Christmas tree  -- Created by Mommy with help and direction from Lala, age 2

Lala loves coloring.  And while we certainly do a lot of the real thing, every now and then we indulge in a little online coloring.  One of our favorite places to color online is on the Crayola website*.  (Though they also have tons of great coloring pages that you can print off and color in real life.)

*Note: This post is just for fun.  I'm not being compensated in any way for sharing this with you.  It's just an honest opinion/suggestion about something fun to do with your kiddos.

Want to color too?

To do a little online coloring of your own, head on over here and then click on the "Digi-Color" button.  It'll lead you to a fresh white page, ready for you to color on.  Just choose your favorite coloring tools and use the mouse to color.  Have fun!

Do you have favorite online things to do with your kids?


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