Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Resolution: More Preschool (and a Fishing Game Printable)

Olivia loves preschool time.  She is all about reading books, singing songs, counting the days on the calendar, and doing fun little activities.  And I love to do all those things with her.  But with naps coming at different times each day and a myriad of other little inconveniences, it's easy for me to let the day slip past without ever doing preschool time.

One of my new years resolutions this year is to do preschool with Olivia on all of the days that Bryan has school.  I had totally gotten out of the habit of doing preschool before Christmas, but I'm ready to get back on the horse.  Anybody else out there feeling this way?

My good friend and I already planned out weekly themes and a bunch of great activities for the entire school year, so luckily it's been fairly easy to jump back into things since we already have a set plan to follow.  

This week the theme is Ocean and a few of our activities involve a fun little fishing game.  I remember playing this game at the yearly fall festival at my elementary school.  It's a little hoaky, but oh-so-lovable.  I had seen several variations and printables around the web, but I wanted some fishies that the kids could color themselves.  Hence the free printable.  If I'm making it for us I might as well share it, right?  Right.

How to play:

  1. Print, cut, and color fish.  Clip a paperclip on each of the fishies' lips.
  2. Attach a magnet to one end of a string and tie the other end onto a stick to make a fishing pole.
  3. Lay out a blanket for "water," scatter the fishies on top, and enjoy fishing!

Ideas for further learning:
  • Ask the kids to catch a certain color fish.
  • Write letters or words on the fish and ask the kids to catch a fish with a certain letter or word on it.
  • Write numbers on the fish and help the kids practice their math by building adding and subtracting the numbers on the fish they catch.

Happy Fishing!  If you have more ideas for fishing game variations please share them in the comments!

Anyone else out there have goals for doing preschool time with your kids this year?


Find more fun and easy preschool ideas on the Preschool page.  You can also find them by clicking on the Preschool button in the header.  Enjoy!   

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Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

We SOOO need to get back into doing preschool time. We haven't done it in months...which is sad. Now that Christmas is over, I think we'll get back in the habit. Love the fishing game idea. :)