Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The good news is...

Today turned out to be a horrible day.  Maybe I'll tell you why later.  But no matter how bad a bad day gets, no bad day is all bad.

This morning was really nice.  I've been feeling sick for what feels like so long, but this morning I finally felt well enough to get up and move around.  I even made a little something.  (I'll show you tomorrow.)

Today was bad.  It still feels bad.  But the good news is, my camera came today.

A day early.  On a day when I think Heavenly Father knew I would need a big pick-me-up.

It came while Olivia was eating lunch.  Before it was a bad day.

I had fun taking pictures of some of my favorite little things around the house.

This favorite little thing is a thumb and belly button girl.  This is her go-to comfort position.  Finger in her belly button, thumb in her mouth.  Day and night.

We've finally started putting her in a t-shirt before we dress her in footie pajamas at night because she's taken to unzipping her jammies (after we lay her down) just so she can get to her belly button.  At least with a t-shirt on we don't have to worry about her getting cold.  Funny girl.

Olivia started complaining about pigtails being too tight.  And I think they were hurting a little whenever she sat in the car seat.  So I tried out some braids the other day.  I thought she'd be too squirmy.  I thought she wouldn't like me having to spray her hair with water and then pull it tight into the braids.

As it turns out, she loves it.  So we've done braids almost every day since.  She does fuss a little about having her hair sprayed with water, but I think she loves sitting on Mommy's lap and having special braiding time.  She gets to watch the Olivia show and have Mommy's attention 100% on her.  And have her hair get made all pretty.  And have it out of her face.

It's always great to have your hair all tidy and out of your face.

The rest of these things are really random.  Just fair warning.

Me in my pajamas.  I got these for free when someone gave me some old clothes to cut up and use for sewing projects.  You had better believe these babies were not getting cut up.  I love them.

Oh, the whole wide world.  It's nice to think about things in terms of you.

My little red lantern and a non-Christmas tree.  Okay, so I did buy it as a Christmas decoration.  But I really like it.  So we left it up.  Even Bryan agreed it was normal.  I think I'm rubbing off on him.

I love the style.  The simple look.  The greenery.  The way it reminds me that, deep down, I'll always be an Oregonian.

Top shelf: Library books
Bottom shelf: Cloth diapers
On the Left: My beloved new rain boots

A framed heirloom doily.  My sweet Nana sent me this doily (along with another one) for my birthday last year.  Just in time to get included in our decorating.  I love having it on my wall to remind me of my grandparents who I love so much.

Love these funky thrift store plates on our wall.  I'll show you the whole collection sometime.  It's just hard to get a decent picture of the whole wall with our ugly classy gold chandelier in the way.

It's possible I didn't realize that this little Illinois plate was an ashtray until we got it home and on the wall.  Whoops.  At least it's pretty!

Olivia's stool.  She loves this thing.  Almost as much as she loves being able to see what's going on when Bryan or I are busy in the kitchen.  Too bad she's not really tall enough for more than her eyes to peek over the counter when she stands on it.

RIP, old camera.

Dice left over from playing Farkle last night.  Love that game.  Love it more when I win.

Our new camera has a fish eye effect setting.  Kind of weird.  Kind of makes my face even more awkward than I knew was possible.

Quite possibly my new favorite picture.  Olivia is really cute in this hat.  Bryan is even cuter.  Love these two.  They are such pals.

Well, that's all the randomness for today.  Looking through it all kind of makes me forget about what happened later.  In a good way.


Bryan Lewis said...

Wow, those pictures look a lot better than the pictures taken by the old camera!

The Rowleys said...

Where did you get that adorable sippy? My little guy hates his so I'm trying different cups to get him off the bottle. That dog sippy is so stinkin cute!

Amanda said...

So glad you got your new camera and wanted to share pictures with us!! I love taking a little peek into your corner of the world! No way would I have cut up those jammies either- so cute!!

Sorry you had such a bad day! I hope tomorrow is much better!!

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Becca LOVED all the pics of Olivia. I'm so glad your camera finally came...and I'm so so sorry about your bad day. Love you!

Emily said...

1. I love you!!!
2. I love that you got your new camera today! YAY for a little pick-me-up from Heaven!
3. I love Olivia's adorable little braids!
4. I have that exact same step-stool in my classroom.
5. Your little house decorations are seriously adorable. I think you should do a blog post on your home decor. Because I want to copy you.
6. Please don't let go of my hand. Does that give you corn maze flashbacks?

Kathy Haynie said...

Heredity is so awesome. I LOVE it that Olivia does EXACTLY the same thing with her thumb & belly button as her doting grandma. I mean, that I used to do. All the time. When I was her age. And I am also happy to report that I did, eventually, outgrow it. :)

Unknown said...

Sorry you haven't been feeling well! Hope things are better today! (BTW, I have a bellybutton-girl, too...we did the same thing at night! Gotta love it!)

Spencer said...

I love you Katie! I'm sad you had a bad day, I hope that things start looking up right away!

Noelle said...

love Heavenly Father's little pick me ups! :)