Friday, January 6, 2012

My Niece With My Flashcards

This is my niece B.  Isn't she a cutie?  When I was growing up my mom had lined the wall by our stairs with family pictures.  Little miss B looks exactly like my sister Polly (her mom) did when Polly was her age.  If she had a little 70's bob cut and some sweet vintage homemade clothes the resemblance would be even more striking.

But looks aren't the only way that B is like her momma.  B is one bright kid.  I hear her talking all the time in the background when I talk to Polly on the phone and she is super smart.  No offense to the rest of the family, but Polly definitely took all the smart genes.  And B is proof of that!

For Christmas my mom printed and laminated lots and lots of flashcards from the printable PDFs available in my shop.  Each of the grandkids got a few sets and I have it on good authority that B loves hers.  Head on over to Polly's blog, Helping Little Hands, to read more about B and her flashcards.  And to see more cute pictures of her.  And to get a great little discount code for my shop!

Maybe if like 100 people buy the value pack I'll be able to buy a new camera.

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