Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Skinny Jeans, Mango Juice, and Light

I promise those trash bags are just full of hand-me-down clothes, not garbage!

It's 1:30 pm here.  And I am dressed.

After yesterday, all I had planned to do today was stay on the couch, sleep, cry, read e-mails and blogs, and play spider solitaire.  So the fact that I am dressed should be really impressive.  I'm surprised about it myself.  (Though, I should admit, I'm back on the couch again.)

Also, can I just tell you how much I love these jeans?  My mother-in-law took me shopping for skinny jeans (shopping at her request, skinny jeans at my request) over Christmas break and we landed on these lovies at Old Navy.  They are a size 8, they still feel loose, and they are perfect.  Comfy and flattering all at the same time.  I really couldn't be happier with them.  (Thanks Trish!)

These jeans are basically an instant ego boost every single time I put them on.  Which is every single morning.  They're that good.

With feeling sick the past couple of weeks I really haven't had much of an appetite.  But after yesterday what was already a small appetite got even smaller.

Usually I love to eat.  Anything and everything.  And if it's sweet and fatty, I'll love it all the more.  And we have the great blessing of being in a dinner group with some good friends.  So we cook on Mondays and then Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday our friends make dinner.  And they are way better cooks than I am.  I love every single thing they make.  I eat it up and devour it and wish I could go back and knock on their door and ask for seconds.  And thirds.  And dessert.  But last night Bryan brought dinner home and I didn't even touch it.  (Sorry, Laura, it wasn't the soup!  It's just my body on the fritz.)  

Nothing sounds good.  At all.  Except, as it turns out, these little babies (see yummy juice above).  I'm not a juice person at all.  Never have been.  I'll drink it occasionally at my in-laws' (they go through at least a pitcher of orange juice a day there) or at special breakfasts or whatever.  But we never really have it here at home.  It just seems too sugary to me.  I don't like it.

Except now.  We bought a 12 pack of these little Naked juice bottles from Costco the other day and they are literally the only thing I want to eat.  (Other than the Sprite I drank last night to keep me from throwing up.  I didn't throw up, by the way, so we're all good.)  The 12 pack came with a green flavor, this mango flavor, and a berry flavor.  The berry flavor is actually my favorite of the three.  But I figure if all I'm really eating (or drinking, as the case may be) is this juice, I should probably at least try and switch up the flavor sometimes.

Thanks so much for the kind comments that many of you left on yesterday's post.

Someone left a nice little note on the Facebook page saying something like, "At least tomorrow it will be better!"  It was a really sweet comment and I keep thinking about it.  Mostly because, in this case, it's not true.  Things are better today, but not cured.  I am sick and it's not with the flu.  It's not something that's going to go away over night.

This week is going to be a long one.  And this won't all necessarily be over even then.  Though I hope it is.  This morning I woke up with big dark bags under my eyes.  Like what you see in movies.  But it was real.  On my young, healthy body.  It was so strange to look in the mirror and see that face looking back at me.  Hello.  Do I know you haggard woman?

This week is going to be rough.  Emotionally more than anything, I think.  But our little family is so blessed to have sweet and loving family thinking of us far away and sweet and loving friends looking after us right here.

I'm not sure right now why all this is happening.  But, in spite of all the bad, I feel so loved and so taken care of.

My friend Kendra shared this quote on her blog today.  I hope you won't mind me sharing it here, Kendra.

"You can't have a light without a dark to stick it in."

That is so how I feel right now.  Emotionally, physically.  I'm in a dark place.  But there is so much light.


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

I'm glad today is a little better for you.

Heck...there are days when I'm feeling pretty good and don't manage to get dressed until afternoon, so I am actually super impressed.

We're thinking of you. Love you! And tell Olivia to be an extra good girl for mommy. :)

Kathy Haynie said...

Noticed those pretty pink toes poking out of the cute skinny jeans. :) Mango juice sounds perfect.

Amanda said...

Katie, I hope everything is okay. Sounds like this week is the perfect week to hang out on the couch and drink juice. I'm praying for you!!

Megan said...

I hope you're feeling better! And it's funny that all you've wanted is that Naked juice - I crave Odwalla (basically the same thing) when I'm not feeling good! Maybe our bodies know we need something nutritious since we're not eating. Or maybe it's Marae's lingering influence. :)

Julie Rosenhan said...

Rough patches in life are not fun. I'm sorry that you're having a hard time right now. I wish we lived next door to each other like we used to so that I could help you. May the Lord bless you through this trial.

Anna said...

Reading your blog post is the last thing I'm doing tonight before bed (I'm waiting for Chris to finish shaving). I love reading your blog. I wish we were neighbors. We love you. Also, I've started drinking more juice too. Also, we should talk about these new book ideas you had.

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Hahaha...I just noticed in the last picture that Ruby Lou is having a hard day along with you. HUGS!

Noelle said...

Gotta love naked juice :) That and dove chocolate get me through my hard days....