Monday, January 30, 2012

Sleep Mask: Works Great!

If you follow me on Facebook you already know that I've been putting my little sleep mask to good use since I finished making it yesterday.

The secret ingredient (black felt) hiding inside is perfect for blocking out light and letting me get some good old fashioned shut-eye.  Even if the lamps in the living room are on all I have to do is slip my little super sleeping mask on and I'm catchin' zzzs like nobody's business.

This has been especially helpful for the times when Bryan's not home and I'm feelin' like snooze, but I'm too lazy tired to get up off the couch and turn off the lights first.  Score.

Such was the case this afternoon.  I was fading fast.  I could totally feel it coming.  Bry was at school so I hurried and got Olivia off to a friend's house so I could come home and crash.

Whoops!  Forgot to turn off the lights before I climbed under this big cozy blanket on the couch.

Oh wait!  It doesn't matter!

Slipped my little sleep mask on and I was good to go.  For hours.  Sorry energy bill and the planet earth for not turning off the lights.  Thank you, sleep mask, for making it so I didn't have to.

Now I'm all rested up and ready for...

lunch.  :)

Want to make your own magical sleep mask?

Click HERE to go to the free pattern & tutorial.  Enjoy!


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

So glad you've gotten some rest...and I love the "I'm asleep, but have my arm out to snap a picture" shot. Love it. ;)

Kathy Haynie said...

I really want one of those little masks. If only I wasn't so swamped...and tired...sigh...

Hooray for long naps on the couch, and a friend to tend Miss O.