Friday, January 6, 2012

Some Not-So-Fun Friday Photos

This morning I let Olivia watch the "Li-iea show" (translation: "Olivia show") and sprayed her hair down with some water.  About ten minutes later we ended up with these adorable little braids.  First braids ever!  Well, first braids ever in Olivia's hair anyway.  And I love her little hoodie shirt.  And the bow clips on the ends of the braids!  Of course I had to snap some pictures.

The first one (above) was cute, but really yellow-y and washed out.  Oops!  Try again.

Umm... what's going on here?

She's standing perfectly still.  (Absorbed in the Olivia show.)  There's plenty of natural light.  The flash is off.  The macro setting is on.  All signs point to a decent picture.  And still...

Agghh!  What is going on?!

I frantically push every combination of buttons possible.  Which does not require a lot of work because it's a 6 year old point and shoot that doesn't have a lot (read: any) bells and whistles.

I even tried taking some pictures outside, but in vain.  The results were the same.

I couldn't even tell on the tiny camera screen that all of these pictures look like they were taken through a set of mini blinds.  Bryan tried to comfort me by saying they look "vintage."  Har har.

Sadly, I think the truth is that our camera has--for all intents and purposes--died on us.  Boo hoo.  Times ten.

I guess I'm off to look at DSLRs on Craigslist?  Maybe I'll actually finally upgrade to a real camera and all my dreams will come true.  Good think we're made of money.


Steve and Nicole said...

aw Katie that is frustrating! They are honestly still ADORABLE pictures though! Olivia is the cutest girl ever...and those pig tails! so cute!

I'm sorry about your camera. I don't know much about them but since it does kind of look like you are looking through blinds I'd say you are probably right about it dying.

That said...I'm totally a fan of a dlsr though :) K, we are totally poor school...I am SUPER cheap. super cheap. But I saved and saved and saved and learned all about dslrs and how to use them on Manuel settings and saved and saved....

Honestly, this summer I bought a 6 dollar shirt at target, ends up I couldn't return it. I cried Katie. That's how upset I was. That's how TERRIBLY cheap I am! And I have many stories like this. But all that said...I have never for one second regretted buying our camera. I love it and use it all the time.

So long comment...but if you want more information because I did a lot of research I'd be happy to help you :)

And I really do mean it that I think these pictures are still adorable.

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Sad day. :(

Don't throw this one away after you get your new one. You might want to take a retro looking you that was on one of those old TV's from the 70's or 80's where the TV had lines on it. These pictures are cool in their own way.

Seriously though, I feel bad for you...and hope you can get a functional camera soon.

Liz said...

Those braids are so cute - despite the camera problems.

Stew said...

Those are pretty amazing and priceless shot. However, it's just the quality that I'm pretty keen of. I would always rely on my nikon cameras for those one-in-a-lifetime baby shots. Just my two cents darling. ;)