Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feb 2012 Brown Bag -- TONIGHT!

February Brown Bag is tonight!

Woot woot!

A huge part of what makes Brown Bag fun and great are all of the fabulous sponsors!

Below are the sponsors for this month's Brown Bag.  Each one is fabulous and the people behind each of these shops and businesses are just the sweetest people and so much fun to work with.

Be sure to stop by and check out their little corners of the online world!

Avon (via Maloree Peterson)
From Wonderland (no link)

My sample button cards -- see them featured here, read more about my business cards here.

Everything is all set up and ready to go for tonight.  I am so excited.


I'm doing things a little bit new and different this month and I definitely think it will help make everything run that much better, but I'm still slightly nervous about it.  Think happy thoughts for tonight!

And for those of you who are coming, see you in a few hours!


Julia said...

Thanks Katie! I'm excited!

Emily said...

Good luck! Have fun! I wish I was coming! :)

Kathy Haynie said...

Have fun! I'm headed off to a Relief Society auction night. It will be fun, but Brown Bag sounds even better!