Thursday, February 23, 2012

Simple Braided Friendship Bracelet -- A Tutorial In 5 Easy Steps

Note: This is a re-post of a guest blog I wrote for my good friend Lauren.
(Originally posted HERE.)

Continue on for the full tutorial...

(Remember that this was originally written for Lauren's blog...)

Hi guys.  I'm Katie.
I typically blog in a world of thread and fabric.  Sewing is my regular.

I wasn't about to try and style blog like Lauren does.
Let's just say my clothing style isn't really blog-worthy.  :)

So I figured I'd stick to what I know and share a little creative tutorial with you all today.
But I wanted it to be something easy.
Actually, I wanted it to be really easy.
So easy that Lauren could do it.
So easy that Lauren could do it while she's stuck on the couch breastfeeding.

That easy.

Since Lauren and I met during our college summers when we worked together as day camp counselors, thinking of Lauren always makes me think of outside summer fun.
And all of the funny, funky things we used to make with the day camp kids.

I don't remember whether we made many friendship bracelets with the kids back in those days.
But this version is so easy that we could have.
This version is so easy that a ten year-old could do it.
Or a seven year-old.

But, ya know, they're slightly more stylish than that.  :)
Here's what we'll be making today...

Want to make one of your own?
Or one for everyone you know?
Or five for everyone you know?

These make great gifts for friends.
And they're dirt cheap!
But prettier than dirt.

These are super fast and easy.
Let's get started.

 Step 1: Cut string

Choose three colors of embroidery floss.
For each color, cut a length of string about 1 arm length long.

For this bracelet I cut double the amount of string and then cut each piece in half so I'd have two strings in each color.

Tip: For a blended-color look like the one in this bracelet, choose colors in the same hue.

Step 2: Tie start knot

Gather all of your strings together and tie a knot at one end.

Be sure to leave a few inches of string at the end.
You'll use this to tie your bracelet on your wrist when you're finished.

Slip a safety pin through your start knot and pin it to a secure surface.

Tip: To take your project outside or on the road, pin it to your pants!

Step 3: Braid

Braiding is a fairly basic and universal technique, but in case you're not familiar with it, let's do a quick review.

Spread each of your strings apart.
I have two strings in each color here, but I treat each color like one string while I braid.

In this case, the bright pink is string #1, the light pink is string #2, and the peach is string #3.

A - String 3 crosses over string 2.
B - String 1 crosses over string 3.
C - String 2 crosses over string 1.

Repeat steps A-C until you've braided the entire length of your strings.

Tip: For a tidy, even braid, keep a taught grip on your strings as you braid.

Step 4: Tie end knot

When you're finished braiding, tie a knot at the end.
Be sure to leave a few inches of string left after the knot.

Tip: For a polished look, try to make the loose string at the beginning and end approximately the same length.

Step 5: Tie it on

The length of your braid should wrap around your wrist two or three times.
Wrap it around your wrist so that it's comfortable.

Using the loose strings at each end of your bracelet, tie a knot to keep it in place on your wrist.

Pair with an old funky tye-dye t-shirt and skinny jeans.
It's the cool new trend I'm starting.
Also, it's really comfortable.

Have fun braiding to your little heart's content!


Tiedupmemories said...

So sweet and pretty simple to do. Great tutorial! These string bracelets are very trendy now. Mix and match with many different style bracelets {metal,rhinestone,beaded and string for a fun look!

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