Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spotted: "It's Raining Love!" Plush Mobile

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My sweet friend Emily posted some nursery pictures on her adoption blog a couple of days ago and I was so delighted to spot the little rain mobile I made for her!

Do you see it?

I made the mobile using the "It's Raining Love" Plush Mobile pattern (available in the shop).  It's made from a couple of old t-shirts... and lots and lots of love.  :)

The mobile in Emily's pictures here is actually the same mobile in all of the pattern/listing pictures too.  I made the mobile specifically for Emily and sent it to her in a little surprise package a while back.  I love the way it looks in the bright, cozy nursery Emily and her husband are getting ready for the baby that will join their family someday.  They've been approved for adoption, but are still waiting to have a baby placed with them.  We're all waiting anxiously.

Soon.  A sweet baby will join their family soon.  I can just feel it.

In the mean time, Emily is patiently waiting.  And filling their nursery with a wonderful collection of calm, cozy treasures.  The baby that will join their family is already so loved.

I've visited this sweet little nursery in person and I can tell you, you just can't walk into that room without feeling all the love that Emily and Richard and all of their family and friends already have for the baby they hope to adopt someday.  This nursery is such a calm, bright, cozy, happy place to be.  It's filled with light--both the kind you can see and the kind you can feel.  It really is raining love in there.

To see more pictures of this sweet nursery, visit Emily & Richard's adoption blog.

For more about Emily and Richard and our other good friends who are waiting to adopt, visit my adoption page.

Hooray for adoption!  :)

(And hooray for sweet nurseries and wonderful friends!)

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Kathy Haynie said...

Funny thing - I'm giving one of those mobiles to a friend at a baby shower tonight! Emily's nursery looks beautiful