Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring is on the way

This morning our good friends invited us on a trip to the park.  Olivia and I have both been dying to get outside lately, so we loaded up the kids in the back seat and headed out.  As soon as we got out of the car and onto the grass, the girls took off running.  They were so happy to be out!  Truth be told, so was I.

When I was visiting with another friend this morning, we were talking about how Olivia is 2 1/2 now and she asked me if Olivia is still the same girl I've always known or if she's--how did she put it?--"showing a different personality."  Ha.  I told my friend that Olivia's still mostly the same sweet, chill girl I've always known.  At the time when we were talking, Olivia was quietly playing with toys in my lap and sharing with my friend's baby.

Then we headed off to the park with our friends and Olivia played quite happily outside for a good long while.  Even cold fingers and runny noses didn't make these girls want to turn in.  Good weather brings freedom that kids just don't get when they're cooped up inside.

Back at home, tired, and ready for lunch, Olivia made me re-think all the nice things I had said about her this morning.  She was in total two year-old tantrum mode like I rarely see her.  Tears streaming down her face, immovably stubborn, and totally ridiculous.

She did the same thing a couple of nights ago at dinner and was so upset that Bryan finally took her upstairs and put her in for some "quiet time" in her bed.  When she calmed down after a few minutes he went back up to get her and she was entirely different--happy and chatty and calm.  I couldn't help wondering if she had been abducted by aliens while she was upstairs, her behavior was like night and day.  Yikes.

When it happened today at lunch I was on my own and feeling totally frustrated.  We got through lunch and got her down for a nap (still screaming) and I sat down for some cool-down time.  She cooled down too and now she's sleeping.  Or being abducted by aliens again.  It's hard to say which.


This is an entirely different subject (but also sort of related to spring coming--hooray!).

Sponsor spots for March will be available through the end of February, which--believe it or not--means there are only a few days left to nab one!

I've had people contact me about being sponsors, but it was only larger corporations, which is not what I'm into.  I'd really prefer to do what I can to advertise for small handmade businesses (or businesses that support handmade) and blogs.  If you have a wonderful blog or business that fits what I'm looking for, please check out the Sponsor page and shoot me an e-mail soon.

For the time being, I've lowered the sponsorship rates drastically.  Hopefully that'll help small businesses with small budgets.  :) 

And, for those of you who may not know, there are a very limited number of ad spots, so please contact me soon if you'd like one!

Hooray for spring coming!


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

My kids have been going out to play more outdoors, especially in the's heavenly...

alee said...

Tears stream down Leo's face each and every time I make him come back inside...whether we have been out there five minutes or an hour, I just can't win. But it is really nice to have the warmer weather here for sure! :) Glad you guys got out today!

Kathy Haynie said...

Did I ever send you that 2-year-old book? "Your Two Year Old: Tender or Terrible?" It has a lot to say about how they go through developmental cycles, and 2 1/2 can be a lot different from 2. It's by Louise Bates Ames, and I think it's really good - readable and down-to-earth.