Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yellow Flashback Tee

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Yellow Flashback Tee

Pattern: Flashback Tee via Made by Rae
Love Rae's Flashback Tee pattern.  Love it, love it, love it.  Buy it when it's available.
It's easy, fast, and a great fit.

Edited to add: The pattern is now available for sale!  Find it HERE on Rae's site.

Fabric: Adult-size T-shirt
Somebody gave it to me for free.  Don't remember who.  But thank you!

Size Tag: Hand Printed
It's so nice to know what size the things I make for Olivia are.  So much easier to sort through later.
These simple little size tags are something I've had in the works for a while.
I've just been waiting for a good project to test them out on.
I may start selling them in the shop.  We'll see.

P.S. See the Rain Cloud Flashback Tee and get the free printable Rain Cloud Pattern HERE.


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Super cute! I'm impressed. Sewing shirts is not my thing, and you rock at it.

BeccaMarie said...

Man! You are so motivating. I love that you do so much and then share it with everyone! Thank you!