Sunday, March 18, 2012


Olivia smelling the daffodils in front of our home
Lately I've had the sniffles.  And itchy, watery eyes.  But it's not allergies, guys.  It's not.  I've never had allergies.  Allergies are for sissies.

That's what I told myself (and Bryan who knows full well what allergies look like because he has them himself every year) for the first few days.  Then, finally, yesterday I gave in and tried combating the itchy eyes/ears/throat and my barely-runny/really annoying sniffle-y nose with some allergy meds.  Fortunately (or unfortunately?) it worked.  So I guess I should fess up and say, if allergies are for sissies, then apparently that's what I am.  Welcome fellow sissies.

I have no idea where I read this, but I remember reading somewhere several years ago that the Willamette valley in Oregon is one of the worst places for seasonal allergies.  Well, it just so happens that I grew up right along side the Willamette River in that very valley, but somehow made it through childhood unscathed.  So I guess I always figured that if I had made it through that without any problems, I would be allergy-free forever.  Ha.  Apparently not.

I remember one of my best friends dealing with terrible allergies while we were growing up.  During the spring time it seemed like he was constantly blowing his nose and putting drops in his itchy eyes.  I felt bad for him then, but my pity was a little drowned out by the sound of his honking nose-blow.  It got old real fast.  But now that I'm experiencing it a little myself, I think I'm ready to take back every impatient thought I ever had on behalf of his allergies.

Last night when I was going crazy from the symptoms I finally sucked it up and tried some benadryl.  It worked really well, but, yeah, it did make me a little drowsy.  The more I come to terms with the fact that I probably am dealing with seasonal allergies here, the closer I may come to taking real allergy meds.  Though, admittedly, I'm not super interested in having to take meds all the time.

Any fellow allergic sissies out there have good remedies to try that don't require me having to take a pill every 4-6 hours?

Or if there is no easy non-pill cure, what're your favorite allergy medications?  The benadryl I took last night made me kind of drowsy which was especially lame considering I had just woken up from a late afternoon nap before I took it.  So I woke up from the nap, took the benadryl, and then started feeling drowsy all over again.  Not the coolest.

Alright, I'm done complaining about joining the seasonal allergies club.  (If that's what this is, but probably it is.)  Apparently my allergy-free childhood in the Willamette valley didn't guarantee me an allergy-free life, but I'm actually not feeling all that robbed.  Mostly I'm just so glad I got to enjoy the first 25 years without any allergies.  Now I'll come and join the party.  :)


Alison said...

I live in Indiana....and if you don't find any non-medication type fixes, Walmart has generic Zyrtec (14 day supply) for 88 cents! You only take it once a day and it doesn't make most people drowsy. I would give it a try. I swear by Zyrtec! ;) Good luck!

Jamie said...

I take a 24 hour claritin in the morning during our allergy season. During the peak times, I double up with (when the counts are over 10,000) a claritin in the am and either zyrtec or allegra before bed.

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

I've always been allergy free (except for penicillin and sulfa which are easy enough to avoid). I hope you getting seasonal allergies doesn't mean that I might get them sometime. So far except for my short list, we are a completely allergy free house...although I'm guessing that won't last forever since a couple of our kids don't have mine and Eric's allergy free genes.

Jenniffier said...

I agree with the zyrtec, but the generic kind. I get mine from target. I have had allergies all my life and know you pain. I would look around for the cause of the allergies. It maybe just something in your home ( a new cleaning product, candle) or those pretty daffodils out front. I hate taking medication so I often just remove what is bothering me rather than taking pills each day. However, if that isn't an option I have my Zyrtec near by :)

Anna said...

You are a sissy.

Alison K. said...

I grew up in the willamette valley too but suffered horribly while living there. Then when we moved to texas i thought for sure i was moving away from the allergies but i was wrong. I am allergic to cedar also which is awful. Now that we are back in the NW i seem no be in an area that is hypo allergenic for me (hooray!). BUT my brother who still lives in the Willamette valley uses an neti pot and swears by it. It is completely drug free and i think you can pick one up at any drug store. I have also heard that eating local honey can help with seasonal allergies.

Lisa Lou said...

I love Claritin.

Can you pinpoint what it is that bothers you? (Like trees, pollen, grass - sometimes on the weather it'll say if the pollen count is high, and maybe your allergies seem to be worse that day...) Then have lots of fun activities indoors with a fresh air filter.
Good luck. Luckily it's still cold in Logan and nothing is quite in bloom yet, so no allergies yet!

Janthony said...

Claritin-D (24 hr) is stronger. More expensive than regular Claratin, but if I'm going to bother to buy it and take it, then I want the good stuff.

Kathy Haynie said...

I can't send you much except my sympathy. But you have that! Hope you feel better soon. (Actually, this is probably your punishment for all that GORGEOUS weather you're having...while we're having rain rain rain and still a little snow once in a while).

Lacey said...

I have always had allergies, but for whatever reason hate to take meds, so I just use eye drops. I feel like the only drops I've tried that really actually work to take away the itch are Opcon A. They are amazing!