Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bad News

I just found out this afternoon that our car (that we just bought a few months ago) needs repairs that cost almost half as much as we paid for the car in the first place.  I have hatred in my heart about it right now.  But instead of harping on about that, I leave you with this little piece of joy:

Downton Arby's

Anybody else totally in love with this show?  What am I saying?  Of course plenty of you are in love with this show.  I've been hearing about it from Bridget for ages, but I only just started watching it when we were at my in-laws' last week.  And... I... uhh... watched the entire first season in two days.  Now I'm just waiting for the second season to come out for free on our Amazon Prime or something.

Ahh, now that's nicer to think about than... nevermind.


CrafterBerly said...

I rented Downton Abbey on your recommendation. I'm hooked!

Lisa Lou said...


also, season 2 might still be on pbs.org. at least it was a month ago...

also, i never really got in to it.

Anna said...

Ohhhhhh! I am sorry about the car. If it brings you any consolation we just took our new/used car into the shop...again. We are paying a super huge amount of money as well. It always makes me feel a little happier when other people are sad with my same problem so I hope it does bring you some consolation :)

I will have to watch Downtown Abbey.

Lauren said...

So we sort of had a similar situation our first year out here with my husband's Saturn (but at the time it was our only car). We took it to Tom & Jerry's automotive on Kenny & Kinnear (which looks waaaay ghetto) but he said that he could fix it for $1000 and we could drive it around for couple weeks. If we weren't happy or it broke down then he would refund our money. We haven't had any problems since (except replacing the battery).

Not that you should do that...I don't know what kind of work your car needs. But if you could find a shop that would make you a deal like that you might consider it.

And thanks for the Downton Arby clip..so funny

Beth said...

So sorry about your car experience! Last year we bought a car (new to us, but still used, only about 35000 miles though, so still pretty new) and we've had to have it towed 2 times and it's cost us a pretty penny to fix. YUCK! We even ended up getting a rebate check from the car company because we had complained about how we shouldn't be having these problems so early. I'm SO grateful that we have roadside assistance through our insurance company! It's saved us a lot of money and time.