Monday, March 12, 2012

Benny Bunny -- Free Pattern & Tutorial

Benny Bunny is a fun finger puppet friend.

He lives in an Altoids tin and loves to read.  For more about what Benny loves to do, see HERE.

Today we're making Benny Bunny.  If you'd like to make your own, jump in and join us!

Find the full Benny Bunny tutorial after the jump!

Let's make Benny Bunny!  Are you ready?


  • white felt
  • pink felt
  • needle & thread
  • embroidery floss

I made our Benny Bunny from wool felt, but regular craft felt would probably work well too.

Step 1: Print pattern

Click HERE or on the image above to view and print the pattern.  This page of patterns includes the pattern pieces for all of the Benny Bunny tutorials.  You can measure the 1" mark at the bottom of the pattern to make sure it prints to scale.

For today you will only need to use the following pattern pieces:

  • Benny Bunny
  • Ear
  • Inner Ear
  • Nose
Go ahead and cut out each of those pieces.

Step 2: Cut pieces from felt

Cut the following pieces from white felt:

  • 2 Benny Bunny (body) pieces
  • 2 Ear pieces
Cut the following pieces from pink felt:
  • 2 Inner Ear pieces
  • 1 nose

Step 3: Sew ears

Grab a regular sewing needle and some white thread.  I just used regular thread from my sewing machine, but if you prefer you could use a couple strands of embroidery floss.

Center one pink inner ear on top of one white outer ear and stitch in place.

Repeat with the remaining inner ear and outer ear pieces.

Fold one ear in half along the bottom edge.

Stitch in place across the bottom so the ear stays folded.

You should now have two cute little bunny ears.

Step 4: Sew nose

Place the pink nose on top of one of the Benny Bunny body pieces.
If desired, use the Benny Bunny body pattern pieces as a guide for where to position the nose.

Using your white thread, stitch the nose in place.

Step 5: Sew eyes

Using an embroidery needle and some gray embroidery floss, sew a french knot for each eye.

If desired, use the Benny Bunny body pattern piece as a guide for eye placement.

If you're not familiar with sewing french knots, it's a quick and easy stitch.  This tutorial  from Early Birdie has a great video for learning how.  (That's how I learned!)

Our Benny needed some spectacles.  So I used 2 strands of brown embroidery floss and stitched them on. If your Benny Bunny needs glasses, you can use the Benny Bunny pattern piece as a guide.  Or give him a new style of specs!

Step 6: Sew body & ears together

Benny's ready to be sewn together!

Gather up all those pieces.

Before you sew him together, stitch across the bottom of each body piece.  I sewed about 1/8" away from the bottom edge.

This will help keep Benny from getting bent out of shape.  If only that were all it took for all of us to keep from getting bent out of shape!  :)

Place Benny's front on top of his back, right sides facing out.

Stitching 1/8" away from the edge, start at the bottom and start sewing up one side.

When you get to where you want the ear to go, place the needle in your sewing machine in the down position...

...lift up the presser foot...

...and insert that sweet little ear in.

Then put the presser foot back down, sew over the ear, and keep going.

Do the same for the other ear.

Continue sewing all the way around Benny's body until you reach the bottom on the other side.


You're all done!

Slip that cute bunny on your finger and have fun playing!

The end!

(He he.  Get it?  The end?  Hmm... this bunny might need a puffy little pom pom tail...)

For all of the Benny Bunny tutorials, click HERE.

If you make your own Benny Bunny, be sure to add pictures to the Flickr group so we can see all the fun variations and get ideas for other things Benny might like!


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So cute! I love this idea. Thanks for all the tutorials on how to make this awesome little Easter craft. My guy is still a little too young, but I def will have to keep this idea in mind.

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Singularly the most popular pin I've ever pinned. It's such a great idea!

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